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Top 5 Online Natural Wine Stores in 2021

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Wine lovers, rejoice! We’ve rounded up the top 5 online stores for where to buy natural wine online, including options for organic, biodynamic, sustainable, vegan, and low sugar (keto + Whole30) preferences. This simple guide will make your shopping easy. Plus we’ve got some special savings + discounts for you!

Wine lovers, rejoice! We've rounded up the top 5 online stores for where to buy natural wine online, including options for organic, biodynamic, sustainable, vegan, and low sugar (keto + Whole30) preferences. This simple guide will make your shopping easy (plus we've got some special savings+ discounts for you) so you can have your healthy wine and drink it, too! 

If you love wine and drink it on the regular, not only should we be friends, but this post is for you!

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Why You Should Drink Natural Wine

We’ve already gone over the benefits of drinking natural wine and why you should drink natural, biodynamic and organic wine (a must-read, in my humble opinion). But here’s a quick recap that unfortunately applies to at least 95% of wine on the market:

  • Most wines, especially domestic wines, are highly processed and contain questionable additives and/or toxic pesticides and herbicides.
  • In fact, there are 76 chemicals and additives approved by the FDA for use in winemaking. (Did you know that common hangover effects like headaches and brain fog may not be from the wine itself, but rather from the additives in the wine?)
  • Standard modern wines are now much higher in alcohol, higher in sugar, and filled with questionable, if not downright harmful, chemicals and additives to improve texture, color, and flavor (compared to the wine of our ancestors). Put another way: winemakers are trying to mask the low-quality grapes and winemaking techniques being used.
  • The U.S. government does not require wine labels to include nutritional information or ingredient lists. If you think they’re protecting you, think again!

From all my research, I’ve learned that low alcohol, organic, biodynamic or natural wines are the ideal alcohol choice to maximize the health benefits of wine (like all those antioxidants and polyphenols!) and minimize the negatives.

Click here to download R+R's Natural Wine Guide

So where can you buy natural, organic, and biodynamic wine?

While you can absolutely head down to your local wine shop or grocery store and try to find organic, biodynamic and/or natural wines, it’s 2019 and we can’t deny that we all love the ease of shopping online most of the time. Here are my top 5 favorite places to buy natural wine online, all at the convenience of your fingertips.

White woman in blue shirt sitting at a table with wine bottles, a glass of wine, flyers, flowers, and looking at and holding a bottle of rose wine.

Where to Buy Natural Wine Online

1) Dry Farm Wines

My favorite place to get natural wine is from Dry Farm Wines, which curates the world’s best natural healthy wines in subscription boxes.

They travel the globe collecting the best organic, natural wines, which they then curate into a box of either 6 or 12 bottles to send their members every 1-2 months, depending on your preference.

There’s no additives, preservatives, commercial yeast, industrial machinery, or GMO fruit in their wines, meaning you get a finished product that’s organic, clean, and has a positive impact on your health.

Amazingly, they also only offer wines free of sugar and carbs (less than 1 g/L, so statistically sugar-free), which is super hard to find, but it makes a huge impact on how you feel (sugar = headaches)! This also makes their wines Whole30 and keto friendly!

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Plus, Dry Farm Wines lab tests every wine they import to make sure the alcohol content is 12.5% or less.

Don’t worry! Low alcohol doesn’t mean “no buzz”-it’s a different buzz altogether. You can still enjoy the pleasant effects of low alcohol wines, but you’ll feel fresh and euphoric–not inflamed, foggy or sluggish, the perfect balance between enjoyment and health!

To boot, the taste is far superior. As soon as you take a sip, you’ll taste and feel the difference with these wines, as they’re much cleaner, vibrant, complex and crisp compared to commercial wine.

You can cancel your membership anytime, so it’s risk-free. Dry Farm Wines is one of the only places I know of that you can place an order and be GUARANTEED that ALL the wines you’re buying are safe, natural and free of additives.

While it’s true that their wines are pricier than most conventional wines at local stores (the average price is $25 per bottle), you have to remember that you get what you pay for: quality, safety, health. YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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Brunette woman smiling and looking off to the side, in a black and white striped sweater, sitting at a grey table with a glass of white wine.

2) Winc

Brand new to me, I just recently tried Winc for the first time and really enjoyed the bottle I got–Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir, a Central Coast, medium bodied red with the perfect balance of sweet spice. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and vegan!

While currently their inventory of wine is 53% sustainable, 25% vegan, and only 7% organic, they’re taking great strides to make all their wines in a sustainable way and have a commitment to increase these numbers over the next few years.

How it works is really cool:

Step 1: Take their Palate Profile Quiz to select your favorite wine types, taste preferences and desired price points.
Step 2: Get matched with your preferences
Step 3: Wines get shipped to your door, and then you can rate your bottles so that your recommendations continue to improve, box after box!

As an added bonus, Winc has teamed up with 1% for the Planet, an international organization that supports a network of eco-conscious businesses committed to donating one percent of their sales toward environmental causes. As a Winc member, 1% of all sales from Pacificana® wines goes toward benefiting and preserving the environment.

Get $22 off your first order at Winc here!

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Woman smiling with a glass of white wine in her hand, sitting at a table with bottles of wine.

3) Scout & Cellar

Scout & Cellar sources wine from makers all over the world that only use traditional winemaking methods.

Their tagline is CLEAN-CRAFTED™ wine, meaning all their wines are independently tested and certified to be:

  • Low in sulfites (usually less than 50ppm and always less than 100ppm, compared to up to 350ppm in conventional wines)
  • No added sugar (compared to up to 16g of added sugar or sweetener concentrate; you can check every bottle on their website to see how many grams of sugar per bottle, but many have less than 1 g/L)
  • Free from: GMOs, dyes, synthetic pesticides, copper sulfate, ammonium phosphate, ferrocyanide, and mega-purple (all of which live in mass-produced wines, bleck!)

You can order directly without a membership, or join their Wine Club where you can get 5-10% off orders and pick the number of bottles you’d like to receive, as well as how often you’d like to receive them (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly).

If you have a passion for wine, you can also join as a Consultant (I’d love to welcome you to my team!), where you have the opportunity to earn money and credits for free wine. Interested? Email me and we can talk about the opportunity!

Get Clean-Crafted Wine from Scout & Cellar here!

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Table topped with wine bottles, a wine placemat, and a box with the word 'wine' on the side.

4) Thrive Market

One of my favorite places to buy healthy groceries online, Thrive Market, now also offers wine… cue the trumpets!

After being shocked at how difficult it was to find wines that met the same quality standards they set for their food and household products–meaning wine in its most honest form that is farmed organically or biodynamically and made with as little manipulation possible–they got to work to develop a clean wine collection.

Here’s what Thrive Market prioritizes when vetting their wines:

  • Organic, biodynamic, or sustainably farmed grapes
  • Sourced from small and mid-size producers
  • Minimal to no irrigation whenever possible
  • Certain bottles use preferred farming practices such as:
  • No added sugar
  • Minimal fining and filtration (a bottle of clean wine may have some natural sediment resting at the bottom of the bottle, but it’s harmless and won’t affect the wine’s flavor)
  • Low sulfites whenever possible
  • No oak chips, staves (thick oak sticks), or flavorings
  • No flash pasteurization (which kills the natural aromas, requiring other additives or corrective measures to bring flavors back)
  • No manipulation of must (freshly pressed juice), such as reverse osmosis, centrifuge, or watering back (yet another way to cover up flaws in both the grapes or the winemaking process)
  • No use of dimethyldicarbonate (DMDC), a chemical preservative used to sterilize and de-alcoholize wine, or polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP), a powder that helps reduce bitterness and correct color

Whew! Quite the impressive list, eh? Even better–Thrive Market’s wines start at $14.99/bottle!

Sign up now to get 25% off your first Thrive Market order when you use this link!

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Woman smiling with her fork in a bowl of vegetables, with a glass of white wine on the table, and a Sun Basket box in the background.

5) Sun Basket

If you’ve been following R+R for awhile you’ll know by now that I love Sun Basket, an organic meal delivery kit service that I use on the regular.

So when Sun Basket started adding natural wines as an add-on, I was like a kid in a candy store.

Their wines are made with organic or biodynamically farmed and hand-picked grapes, fermented with natural yeasts, are additive-free, have low or no sulfites, and nothing is removed from the wine (meaning they have more flavor and body).

You can’t see their wine selection until you set up your account, so trust me on this one and do. it. now!

There’s no commitment–you can skip a delivery or cancel at any time, plus they have a 100% Mouthwatering Guarantee where, if you’re not happy, you can get 100% of your money back within 7 days of delivery.

For a limited time, you can take advantage of this amazing offer from Sun Basket:


And check out my reviews here:

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Where to Buy Natural Wine: Summary

Where can I buy natural wine near me?

If you’re looking in person, try Whole Foods, Total Wine, your local wine store, or check out the organic sections at most grocery store chains.

What’s the best online wine store for organic wine delivery?

The best places for natural and organic wine delivery are Dry Farm Wines, Scout & Cellar, Winc, and Thrive Market.

Click here to download R+R's Natural Wine Guide

What are you waiting for? Download our free Natural Wine Guide! Not only do I have some tips and tricks to help ensure the wine you’re drinking is safe, but I’ve also compiled a list of The Best Natural Wines Under $25. I’ve personally tried every wine on the list, so I can vouch for their taste and quality, and many of the wines came recommend from sommeliers, restaurateurs, wine shop owners and natural wine experts!

Plus, this guide also includes a Cheat Sheet to Understanding Wine Labeling Laws and a How To Know if a Wine Is Natural Checklist.

You can download the Natural Wine Guide here!

Rest assured, this guide will help you determine whether a wine is safe and healthy, or toxic and full of harmful additives. Cheers!

Where to buy natural wine online. Top 5 Online Wine Stores.

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Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I've linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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