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The Top 30 Natural Online Beauty Stores (Plus, 20 to Avoid!)

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Tossing toxic beauty products for safer, healthier and more natural options–all of which actually work!–has never been easier. Today’s round up features our top 30 favorite natural online beauty stores, brands and products for all your cosmetic, skincare, hair and makeup needs, plus some tips for how to save money on your green beauty routine! We also reveal 20 to avoid, despite greenwashing claims. 

Tossing toxic beauty products for safer, healthier and more natural options--all of which actually work!--has never been easier. Today's round up features our top 30 favorite natural online beauty stores, brands and products for all your cosmetic, skincare, hair and makeup needs, plus some tips for how to save money on your green beauty routine! We also reveal 20 to avoid, despite greenwashing claims. 

Though most people are willing to acknowledge the detrimental effects processed food has in our bodies, often, we forget about the other products we put on our bodies, even though they can be just as damaging. In fact, skin is our largest organ and absorbs over 60 percent of what we put on it — and these harmful chemicals go directly into our bloodstream!

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I know I assumed for a long time that dermatologist-recommended or expensive beauty products from Sephora and high-end retailers had to be high-quality and safe. Sadly, I couldn’t have been more wrong (turns out, price has nothing to do with safety!).

Unfortunately, most store-bought beauty products are filled with a potent cocktail of carcinogens and other dangerous chemicals, including parabens, fragrance and harmful preservatives that mess with our hormones and irritate our skin.

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The good news is that there are a growing number of options when it comes to shopping online for natural beauty products. These stores put customer safety first by selling products that are natural, non-toxic and just as effective.

Below I’ve featured my top 10 favorite online beauty stores that I regularly use, trust and love, as well as an additional 20 natural beauty brands that you can check out for more buying options. We’ve even added a section of 20 beauty brands that claim to be safe, gentle, natural and green but are actually full of harsh and harmful chemicals (greenwashing is real!! don’t be fooled!).

The even better news? I’ve totally got your back and have some discounts for you to enjoy when you shop at these incredible online natural beauty retailers (yep, nothing like shopping for wrinkle cream on your couch in your jammies!). Yeah!

This list includes just a few of my top product picks from each store, but for an extensive list of My Current Green Beauty Routine, check out this post where I break down my favorites in all things makeup, skincare, hair care, body care, oral care, prenatal/maternity personal care and my past loves.

Alright, let’s jump right in!

We’re tossing toxic beauty products for safer, healthier and more natural cosmetics, all of which are available to purchase from the comfort of your own home. Today's round up features my favorite online natural beauty stores for all your skincare and makeup needs! 

Best Natural Online Beauty Store: Beautycounter

Looking for safe, non-toxic makeup? You’ll love Beautycounter, one of the cleanest beauty brands on the market! Beautycounter is truly committed to a health and safety standard that goes well beyond what is legally required in the United States, making absolutely beautiful and effective products WITHOUT 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals that are found in most conventional, store-bought products – even the high-end ones from Sephora. Read your labels, and make the switch to cleaner makeup now!

Some of my favorite makeup products from Beautycounter:

Tip: How to Save Money at Beautycounter

One of the major perks about Beautycounter that many people don’t know about is their loyalty program, Band of Beauty.

It includes some awesome benefits like:

  • Every time you shop, you get a 10% off product credit that you can use on your next order, essentially saving you 10% on all future orders.
  • Get a FREE full-sized product as a complimentary gift for signing up when you spend $50.
  • Free shipping, always, when you spend over $100.
  • Special offers, discounts and exclusive access to new products before they’re available to the general public.

It’s only $29 to join, which you’ll make back with the free gift and future savings. If you’re going to spend more than $100 with Beautycounter each year, this is seriously a no-brainer!

Become a Beautycounter Band of Beauty Member today!

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Another money saving tip: install the free cash back app, eBates! Seriously, if you don’t already use this 100% free cash back app, you’ve got to stop what you’re doing and sign up. I’ve literally received $879.10 and counting in cash back, from shopping at places I was already spending money anyway.

How does it work? It’s a simple browser extension that alerts you when cash back is available at any website you visit. You click it, and then–like magic–you get cash back credit applied in your account after you make a purchase. It could NOT be ANY easier! Did I mention they offer 4% cash back at Beautycounter?!

The Detox Market

Best Natural Online Beauty Store: Detox Market 

Detox Market works with dozens of pioneers in the green beauty movement. This online shop curates the best of natural beauty and never compromises efficiency, while ensuring all products are always cruelty-free. They even keep an up to date list of banned ingredients that you will never find in the products they sell — no parabens, no synthetic fragrance, no PEGS, no Glycols, no formaldehyde — only pure goodness.

Some of my favorite products from Detox Market:

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Best Natural Online Beauty Store: True Botanicals

True Botanicals is my #1 favorite skincare line. It’s the only line I’ve tried where my skin FINALLY stopped breaking out–I’m talking not a single breakout, the discoloration and acne scars faded, my skin is silky smooth and, dare I say, glowing. It’s a freaking miracle! True Botanical‘s Clear Line has proven that clear, radiant skin is possible, even if you have PCOS, hormonal disorders or digestion issues. Plus, the brand is certified MADE SAFE, cruelty-free and the majority of ingredients are certified organic and wild-harvested, meaning they’re grown in their natural environment.

Here’s what I use (and LOVE!):

I’ll admit, the line is a bit pricey, but it is SO worth it!

If you want to get personalized results on what products will be best for you, take their skin quiz to get recommendations.

Even better? You can actually schedule a complimentary phone consultation with one of their experts to talk about your unique skincare needs–how amazing is that?! I’ve gone through this process and their team is truly deeply versed in skincare and creating custom recommendations for you, so I highly recommend you take advantage of this helpful resource if you have problem skin!

Tip: How to Save Money at True Botanicals

If you’re not quite ready to splurge, try out their samplesYou’ll get two FREE sets (including the Hydrating Cleanser and, my favorite, the Pure Radiance Oil) for just the $3 shipping cost. Plus, you can add on extra sample sets for just $2 each.

If you’re ready to have the best skin of your life, get $20 off your first order with the code JOINUS20 (minimum $40 order). Plus, if you join their Sun & Moon subscription, you’ll get an extra 10% off plus a surprise gift in each box!

Shop Clean Beauty

Best Natural Online Beauty Store: Credo Beauty

Credo Beauty is another favorite natural beauty resource of mine. Their impressive lineup of brands use safe, sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients to create products that do what they’re supposed to do. Credo never carries products with known harmful ingredients or animal byproducts, and they only stock brands that never test on animals. Their list of never-ever-used toxic ingredients ensures that what you’re buying is safe. What’s more beautiful than that?!

Some of my favorite brands sold at Credo Beauty:

Tip: How to Save Money at Credo Beauty

Remember our dear friend, eBates, mentioned above? Install this free cash back browser extension to get 4% back at Credo Beauty!

Best Natural Online Beauty Store: Thrive Market

Hands down, Thrive Market is the number one way I save on healthy products and foods. Think of it like an online Costco (wholesale prices) but for natural products. I literally save hundreds of dollars every year shopping for pantry staples, toiletries, and healthy items at Thrive, and they’re always giving away free gifts, discount codes and helpful advice. If you struggle with the cost of natural living, you NEED to sign up for Thrive!

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Some of my favorite products from Thrive:

Thrive Market

Tip: How to Save Money at Thrive Market

If you’re ready to save money and try out Thrive Market for yourself, click here to get an extra 25% off your first order + a 30-day free trial!

Also keep an eye on their daily deals; literally every single day they have a new discount on certain products and brands, or you can get a free gift with your order that can range from about $7-$40+ in value!

Best Natural Online Beauty Store: AILLEA

AILLEA is all about empowering women to make healthy choices about the products we put on our bodies. It’s truly a haven where EVERY product is safe–free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, endocrine disruptors and other toxic chemicals–and never tested on animals, no exceptions! They pride themselves on how all of the products still work and deliver the performance we expect, so that you truly don’t have to compromise your beauty standards to be healthy.

Some of my favorite brands from AILLEA:

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Best Natural Online Beauty Store: Annmarie Skin Care

When it comes to natural skincare, it doesn’t get more crunchy and perfect than Annmarie Skin Care’s organic, wildcrafted products, which are made from sustainably harvested herbs and plants. Plus, everything I’ve tried smells totally AH-MAZING–it’s like aromatherapy and skincare in one! I’m personally loving their serums and face oils–they’re super light, but moisturizing and have been helpful in clearing up some lingering acne and scarring.

Some of my faves from Annmarie Skin Care:

I recommend you start off by taking their skin quiz, which asks 12 simple questions based on your lifestyle. It then generates info on what your skin type is, along with recommendations on which of their skin care products would be best for your skin.

Tip: How to Save Money at Annmarie Skin Care

If you want to try before you buy, there are three different sample kits you can choose from (plus, they even ship all their products internationally!):

1) Skincare: Get a sample kit with all three serums: the citrus stem cell serum, anti-aging serum, and the probiotic with tremella serum. The kits are only $10 each and shipped to you anywhere in the world for free! Plus, you’ll also receive a $10 coupon that you can use for a future purchase – so it’s essentially like getting these samples for free. Cha-ching!

2) Makeup: Try out clean makeup with their Minerals Sample Kit for just $20, which also ships anywhere in the world for free, and comes with a $10 coupon code to use on a future purchase of a full sized product.

3) Essential Oils: Swap out toxic perfume for an all natural yet delicious scent with essential oil blends. Pick from one of two Essential Oil Sample Kits–they’re totally FREE with just $7.95 shipping! 

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Best Natural Online Beauty Store: Amazon

You can find tons of natural beauty products on Amazon, usually at amazing prices, or at least comparable to other stores and websites. One of the perks is that–if you’re anything like me and order from Amazon more often than you can count–you can easily shop for these items by adding them in with your other purchases, and then already have them in hand in two days if you have a Prime membership. (Seriously, I think Prime is worth every penny for the free 2-day shipping, access to movies, books and music, and now you can even save money at Whole Foods to boot! Start your free Prime trail here).

Check out this post for my top 20 Best Natural Beauty Products on Amazon. Here’s a selection of a few:

Best Natural Beauty Store Au Naturale Cosmetics

Best Natural Online Beauty Store: Au Naturale Cosmetics

Au Naturale Cosmetics is a natural beauty brand fully committed to the cause, as their founder also started the Clean Beauty Revolution–a grassroots movement lobbying for laws to keep harmful toxins out of American cosmetic products. All of Au Naturale Cosmetics are super clean and green as they’re organic, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, free of toxins and chemicals and yet still high performing and long lasting.

I’ve recently been wearing and LOVING:

Tip: How to Save Money at Au Naturale Cosmetics

Our friends over at Au Naturale Cosmetics are giving R+R readers 15% off your order through September 30, 2018 with the code rootandrevel. Go take advantage now before it’s too late!

Best Natural Online Beauty Store: Love Goodly

One of my favorite subscription boxes is LOVE GOODLY. It’s my top pick for how to find new natural beauty and skincare products for a minimal cost! Here’s the deal: every other month, LOVE GOODLY sends subscribers 4-5 cruelty-free, natural, vegan products, including a mix of full-size products and deluxe samples of non-toxic beauty and skincare, healthy snacks, wellness items and eco accessories.

Each box provides an amazing value–always over $85+!–and they also have an online shop where you can purchase hundreds of safe, natural products from brands like 100% Pure, Garden of Life’s mykind Organics line, Pacifica, Pukka, Vega, Vaute Couture and many more. Bonus: Every purchase also supports one of their cause partners, including Farm Sanctuary.

Tip: How to Save Money at LOVE GOODLY

LOVE GOODLY put together a very special deal exclusively for R+R readers! Choose from either of the following:

A) Get $5 off your first + second boxes, plus 2 special free BONUS beauty gifts each valued at $15+. (One gift in each box: gift #1 and gift #2.) Ships FREE in the USA! Use the code LOVEROOT.

B) Simply get 20% off your order with the code ROOTREVEL20. 

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23 More Green + Natural Online Beauty Stores

Below is a list of additional online natural beauty stores. Some of these sites or brands I adore, and some I personally haven’t ordered from, but wanted to give you a comprehensive list of places you can check out for yourself. From my research, all of these places have trusted selections of natural, healthy and non-toxic beauty products!

  1. Leahlani Skincare (hailing from Hawaii and some of my favorite products!)
  2. Safe & Chic – get 10% off with our special code ROOT10
  3. Follain – take 10% off your first order with code ROOTANDREVEL
  4. Clean Beauty Mart
  5. Real Purity
  6. Beauty-Heroes
  7. Vapour Beauty
  8. 100% Pure (adore their eyeshadow in satin cream)
  9. Be Natural Organicstake 30% off your first order with the code SS30NEW
  10. Integrity Botanicals
  11. Blissoma Holistic Skincare (try their top-selling product the Smooth A+ Correcting Serum)
  12. Fig & Flower Natural Beauty (actually based here in Atlanta!)
  13. Maya Chia
  14. Vitamin Shoppe (sells brands like Mineral Fusion, Avalon Organics, Desert Essence, etc.)
  15. Crunchi
  16. Citrine Natural Beauty Bar
  18. naked + thriving
  19. Alima Pure
  20. Meow Meow Tweet (vegan)
  21. The Green Life
  22. Hynt Beauty
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20 Popular Yet Harmful Brands NOT to Buy

Unfortunately, it can be hard to distinguish the good from the bad when it comes to natural beauty brands since the industry is unregulated.

Plus, many brands greenwash their marketing, meaning they deceptively claim and make the products look all healthy and natural, green and gentle on the packaging or through their reputation, but the ingredients are anything but.

Here are 20 common brands that I DO NOT RECOMMEND based on the harmful ingredients contained in their products, like parabens, fragrance, sulfates, phthalates:

  1. Rodan + Fields
  2. Cetaphil
  3. CeraVe
  4. Yes To
  5. Burt’s Bees (bought out by Clorox!)
  6. The Body Shop
  7. Aveda
  8. Aveeno
  9. Covergirl Natureluxe
  10. Herbal Essences
  11. JASON
  12. Lush Cosmetics
  13. St. Ives
  14. Neutrogena Pure & Free
  15. Johnson’s Natural
  16. Kiss My Face
  17. Monat
  18. OGX/Organix
  19. Origins
  20. Moroccan Oil

Do you have any other favorite online natural beauty stores? What are your favorites from this list? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I've linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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  1. Such a great reference!  I love how Thrive Market offers beauty too.  Another great clean beauty store online is – they have some more unique products that you should check out!

  2. Really this is very helpful information to find natural beauty products. Thank you for sharing your valuable information.

  3. I love WildPerfume. 100% natural with lots of scent choices and most of them are nice.

  4. Thank you for recommendations! But I have questions about some brands which claim that they are organic. Here is my list: Drunk Elephant, Farmacy, Tata Harper, Biossance, First Aids beauty,Tatcha,Caudalie,Herbiovire botanicals. 

  5. Thank you for all the recommendations! This is very helpful. I ended up reading this book:

    and then slowly started switching over to more natural products. It is insane to see how many products are listed as natural but are not. I am always doing so much research before I buy that it takes me so long just to buy a product. I must have missed it but do you have a recommendation on a lip protectant with SPF? Also, what do you think of Paula’s Choice? I’ve been looking for a face cream with SPF and stumbled on their site. Thanks!

    • Glad you found this helpful, and yes, I know the feeling of doing so much research! I’m not familiar with Paula’s Choice. I use Beautycounter’s Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 often. I don’t actually have a lip balm with SPF, I haven’t felt the need for SPF on my lips, but I do often protect myself in the sun so maybe I just haven’t needed one?

  6. Great article Kate,

    I’m so glad you exposed some of the green washers here – a lot of brands like to talk the talk, without actually walking the walk!

    For anyone wanting more info about 100% Pure, I had a look at some of their lipstick ingredients. I was really impressed – no ricinoleic acid or carmine!

    Just to back up your point about the damage that harmful chemicals can cause, we need to be cognisant not only about skin absorption, but also ingestion when it comes to lip products!

    Just in case your readers are not aware of the lipstick ingredients they might want to avoid, we recently published a piece on this topic:

    Thanks again for all the recommendations – I really want to check out True Botanicals now!


  7. Hi,
    I’m wondering why is Aveda on the naughty list.
    I go to an Aveda hair salon and use Aveda products firmly thinking that the products are all organically safe.?😐

  8. Love your site!! Please check out Air Repair Skincare, it’s incredible! Cruelty free & vegan products that are highly effective without any parabens, petroleum, mineral oil or sulfate. Skincare products that have been designed to help protect, soothe and heal against environmental stressors, including travel and flight fatigue. Air Repair products combine a ground breaking combination of ingredients that fuse clean chemistry with healing botanicals and natural extracts, YOU WILL LOVE IT!! Thanks for helping to educate people on the importance of non-toxic beauty!

  9. very interesting products and must say very helpful tips. Thanks sharing this in combined way. Great work.

  10. You have to check out Rosemira Organics Luxurious natural organic small batch hand crafted skin care with integrity. I like a lot of Beauty By Earth too. I also like serval of the brands you have listed. I am liking Native deodorant. Primal Life Organics has some great tooth care and I love the coffee serum.

  11. Origins and The Body Shop are on the No No List 😯 I love their products mostly because I thought they were natural, safe or good for the planet. What toxins are in these products that I need to be aware of? 

  12. This article is great!  I will def look into these companies because I love finding new healthy products. I also use Pure Haven which I love and they use all natural ingredients and their warehouse is USDA certified organic!  
    But I am a little sad to see you recommend the EWG, while it’s helpful, I’ve heard it has received lots of grants from Walmart in the past few years and it has actually changed its ratings of certain chemicals and given then better scores because they are in Walmart products.  I will try to find where I heard that from, but it happened a few years ago. But thank you for providing this list. There is also another similar page ranking MLM companies, and Beautycounter, Crunchi and Pure Haven are the top companies. 

  13. Now people have safer, healthier and more natural options and all of them actually work. Prasadhak is one of the online natural product store.

  14. I am curious as to why Lush Cosmetics made it on the naughty list.. Could you give me more info on that? I always thought they were a safe/clean brand to use. Thank you!

  15. What are your thoughts on Jane iredale and evan Healy and dr haushka?

    i see this at my local healthfood store and wonder if it is legit?

  16. Safe & chic  is a horrible company. I am planning to write reviews in all different websites to let customers know about this unethical company.
    My package got lost and I never got it, it was products worth $250. They totally ignored me and took my money without providing me either a new package or refund.
    They are thieves. Their response was you should have asked for signature. They are the worst.  I one even answers your calls if you call their “ customer service”.
    Safe & Chic is a Horrible horrible company.

  17. Hi,

    I am trying to understand why you would have Burt’s Bees on your negative list. I worked there for years and it is clean beauty despite being purchased by Clorox. The Lemon and Vitamin E Body Oil is all natural:

    prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, citrus medica limonum (lemon) peel oil, triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil, tocopherol, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, glycine soja (soybean) oil, canola oil (huile de colza), citronellol, limonene

    The citronellol and limonene are natural components of the lemon peel oil and rosemary leaf extract

  18. This was amazingly helpful!! Thank you!! What are your thoughts on Arbonne products?

  19. It says not to buy JASON, but there’s a photo of toothpaste made by JASON. Do you endorse JASON products? Thanks!

    • So sorry for the confusion, Kristen. Jason’s products to contain questionable ingredients, so my suggestion is to proceed with caution. I used to like their toothpaste, but it contains carrageenan, so I stopped using it. That’s an old graphic that we need to update.

  20. I also enjoy Organic Bunny. They give you a free consultation to help you find products your love that work for you and are very rigorous about what brands they sell.

  21. Great list of Natural Beauty Stores! Would love for you to consider CocoRoo Natural Skin Care for your next list. Products are made with 100% edible ingredients!

  22. What kind of hair oil u recommend instead of the Moroccan oil??

  23. Thanks for the incredibly helpful information!Since finding your site, I have been trying to reduce the use of chemicals in my house by making my own products and now trying to find better beauty products. The brands to avoid was honestly kind of shocking as many of those (i.e. Burt’s Bees and Yes To) are marketed as natural beauty products. I use Burt’s Bees Vitamin E and Lemon Oil like it’s going out of style! Looks like I’ll need to find an alternative. My daughter is going into 6th grade and starting to wear a bit of makeup, fortunately she likes the natural look, but I want her to use products that won’t have a negative effect on her health and the environment. Thank you so much for your amazing site. You are literally changing my life, one little bit at a time!

    • Wow, Lisa, I’m so touched by your sharing!! It’s people like you that keep me inspired to do what I do. 😀 I know, those brands are a surprise, sadly. For the most part, they aren’t as bad as totally mainstream products that are pure chemicals, they just aren’t as clean as the brands we’ve recommended here (often having suspicious ingredients like ‘fragrance’). Thanks for being here!!

  24. Nowadays chemical products are really in the trend which is not good for our skin. There are so many cosmetic products which do not have natural properties and they have some side effects as well. This is nice information which you have shared.

  25. This is so helpful! I get overwhelmed with the choices these days for natural skincare and makeup so am excited to check our your recommendations! Thank you.