The Best Maternity Clothes for Natural Mamas

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Pregnant and looking for maternity clothes that are actually cute AND won't break the bank? We've got you covered. In this Ultimate Guide to the Best Maternity Clothes, we've rounded up our favorite inexpensive, trendy, cute maternity brands, from jeans and dresses to bras and support wear and activewear. All with an eco-friendly twist, of course!

Pregnant and looking for maternity clothes that are actually cute AND won't break the bank? We've got your covered. In this Ultimate Guide to the Best Maternity Clothes, we've rounded up our favorite inexpensive, trendy, cute maternity brands, from jeans and dresses to bras and support wear and activewear. All with an eco-friendly twist, of course!

So…most women don’t really start showing until the second trimester. And some go their entire pregnancies in “regular people” clothes.

I was not one of those women. I started officially showing around 10 weeks. And before that, I just felt fat, bloated, puffy and like I ate too many tacos (which I probably did!).

Don’t wait to make the switch to maternity clothes. I went to Target in my first trimester, and after slipping into a pair of their comfy and affordable maternity jeans, immediately got a huge self-confidence boost.

I went from feeling like I was an overstuffed sausage busting out of my clothes to feeling like the adorable pregnant mama I was.

With my ever-expanding belly, I wore exclusively maternity clothes during the second trimester. And honestly, this is a HUGE perk of pregnancy.

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First of all, they’re SO comfortable. Going back to zippered jeans that don’t just slip on and come up all the way up to your boobs is not going to be fun.

Secondly, because I didn’t want to overdo it buying a ton of clothes I wouldn’t wear after this season of my life, I kept my maternity wardrobe pretty minimal, just stocking up on a few essentials and a few fun pieces.

It’s been like doing the capsule wardrobe thing and I have to say, it’s been amazing. Getting dressed is so much easier, packing for trips is a breeze and I couldn’t be happier with the pieces I picked.

So if you're also pregnant (CONGRATS!!) and looking for maternity clothes that are actually cute AND won't break the bank, this guide to the Best Maternity Clothes is for you.

We've rounded up our favorite inexpensive, trendy, cute maternity brands, from jeans and dresses to bras and support wear, and activewear. All with an eco-friendly, health-promoting twist, of course! 😉

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The Best Maternity Clothes

Rent the Runway Maternity

OH. MY. GOD. You guys, Rent the Runway launched their Maternity program this year and it has been a total godsend during my pregnancy, especially when it comes to dressing for special occassions, like baby showers!

Their maternity selection is beyond adorable, with high-end, trendy brands like Joie, Rachel Pally, Ella Moss, Elizabeth and James, Splendid, Badgley Mischka, Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch and more.

A lot of the clothes are maternity-specific, but many are just “regular clothes” that have been curated to be “bump-friendly”, widening the selection to choose from.

I have LOVED being a member of their Maternity Unlimited Program–for just  $159 per month, you can rent 4 items at a time, and swap whenever you want. Meaning, you don't have to send everything back at once; rather, when you send back a piece, a spot opens up for something new. Free shipping always, too!

Use code RTRMOM to get your first month of unlimited rentals for only $99!

Boob Design's Simone Sleeveless Dress has been a staple in my maternity wardrobe this summer–it's super comfy and flattering, perfect for running errands or going to a casual dinner. Bonus: the dress is nursing-friendly AND the company puts a major focus on environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Boob ensures they minimize their impact on the environment during the design and production process and they use 97% sustainable materials, like organic cotton, recycled cotton, lyocell and recycled polyester and polyamide. They're GOTS certified, too! Learn more here.

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Ingrid & Isabel Maternity

When it comes to everyday maternity clothes, Ingrid & Isabel has quickly become a favorite! Shown above are their Active Leggings, which are surprisingly slimming on your lower half, while super supportive on your tummy!

Some of my other go-tos from this brand: this chic Shirred Tank Dress (I also adored their Kimono dresses), and thanks to Georgia’s merciless heat, I’ve been living in their lounge shorts.

I also wore their Sasha Skinny jeans with Inset Panel, but overall found that I prefer full belly coverage, as my stomach kept pushing these down.

Generally speaking, I preferred to wear more form-fitting clothes that accentuated my bump, but sometimes it felt great to throw on something uber soft and roomy, like this Pinstripe Boxy Short Sleeve Woven Top 😉

Destination Maternity

At first, I thought this maternity store was pretty pricey, but I quickly realized that they run AMAZING sales nearly all the time and I've saved mad money when using their promo codes.

Faves included: their Button Front Maternity Shirts (I’m wearing Chambray in the above photo), these Maternity Hipster Panties and this Knot Shoulder Maternity T Shirt. I also lived in their side ruched T's–I loved the heathered, distressed colors!

I also loved this maternity tankini that I rocked down in Florida back in May, and my go-to jeans have been their white Secret Fit Belly Ankle Maternity Jeggings and these distressed maternity jeans.

Target Maternity Clothes

Who doesn't love Target?! This was the first store I went to looking for maternity clothes, and I've been back a few times a month ever since to see what's new.

I've found they're best for basics, like these everyday t-shirts (the shirring details is 100% the way to go for pregnant bellies!), which come in every color known to man.

They actually have a line with Ingrid & Isabel that's amazing–I've worn this kimono maxi dress (pictured left) to so many summer BBQs and weddings and it's beyond comfortable and flattering.

I also love their activewear leggings–these have been a go-to for walking and yoga while I've been pregnant.

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Old Navy Maternity Clothes

I'll admit, I thought Gap was going to be a pregnancy favorite, but I honestly found their materials to be too stiff (especially compared to the soft T's at Destination Maternity) and relatively expensive.

Old Navy Maternity, on the other hand, was my jam for affordable workout tanks. Here are my faves: Maternity Fitted Cross-Back Performance Tank, Maternity Fitted Racerback Run TankMaternity Fitted Scoop-Neck Tank (shown above) and their Maternity Fitted First-Layer Rib-Knit Tank.

Old Navy's Maternity Cinched-Waist Fleece Hoodie also kept me warm in the first trimester and chilly nights this summer.

The Best Maternity Clothes: Bras + Support Wear

If you’re like most pregnant women, your breasts will likely change quite a bit during this time. Don’t wait to invest in a maternity bra until you’re nursing–having a bra that fits your new size and is comfortable around your expanding rib cage is key.

I’m obsessed with the Motherhood Full Coverage Back Smoothing Nursing Bra, which has an extra wide, seamless band to banish back fat!

I liked wearing that bra when I needed a bit more support and was going out, and at home I wore Boob Design’s Fast Food T-Shirt Bra, which is a bit softer and comes with removable pads, smart clips, and cups you can easily open with one hand give you quicker and easier nursing access later on.

But it wasn't just my breasts that needed extra support while I was pregnant.

It started with chafing. Ohhhhh the chafing–so sexy and glamorous, but so real and so uncomfortable.

Thank God for Belly Bandit's Thigh Disguise. These support shorts provide maximum support, while somehow still being breathable, for expanding bellies and thighs, while minimizing chafing and stretch marks (thanks to the medical-grade compression). Great under dresses, too, for smoothing things out!

Mama Strut

Then came the back pain. Mama Strut's Pregnancy Care System was a lifesaver. Made from Bamboo, Nylon, and Spandex, this supportive short system comes with a wearable soft brace for ice/heat therapy for the perineum, vagina and hemorrhoids, another for the lower back and another for your abs to help with all the discomfort that growing a watermelon-sized human comes with (think pain, swelling, and pressure).

The system supports all sides of the pelvis, including the all-important pelvic floor, and lower back and abdominal support, and it's adjustable, fits discreetly under clothing, and is made with moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabric.

I'm looking forward to using their Postpartum Care System in a few short weeks, too! Some insurance providers even cover the system as it's so key for healing!

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Blanqi Maternity Support Wear

Oh how I wish I found this company earlier in my pregnancy. As it were, I was 32 weeks pregnant by the time I slipped into their incredibly soft and supportive Maternity Overbust Tank Top (pictured above) and Belly Support Leggings.

But I feel like I didn't take them off after that! I loved how seamless they were (read: no irritation!), and how supportive without feeling like you were wearing Spanx. The moisture-wicking fabric helps, too!

The sewn-in belly belt subtly lifts your belly, helping with back pain and encouraging good posture. Dress up or down (this support wear is stylish enough to be worn on its own and doesn't need to be covered up), I want to live in this outfit!

And there you have it–the best maternity clothes that kept me (and my wallet) comfortable during my pregnancy. What are some of your favorites? Share in the comments below! 

Photo Credit: Heidi Geldhauser

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I've linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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  1. Kate, Sending gratitude for sharing this information. I was having so much trouble finding stylish clothes made with quality material until I found your recommendations. Thank you SO much for sharing.

  2. Hi Kate! Thanks for all your recommendations! The clothes look great on you! I was just wondering how to know if items are made of safe materials. I thought it was best to avoid materials like recycled polyester (possible BPA) and things that have antimicrobial properties (unknown chemicals added), but it seemed like some things you recommended had these. I’d really appreciate your advice, thanks!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I love getting natural, non-toxic materials as much as I can. The only way to do that is researching brands, going to their websites, etc., which I often do. However, I’m all about the 80:20 rule and don’t want to fret over every detail, so yeah, sometimes I buy clothes from places like Old Navy or Target like mentioned in this post–because I’m human and think life is all about balance. Hope that helps!

  3. I love all these beautiful pictures of you! You are just glowing! It’s great to hear your recommendations–I’ll definitely be passing along to my pregnant friends!

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