Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, 2019 Edition

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Looking for healthy yet fun holiday gift ideas for your friends and family? We’ve got 25 creative yet practical recommendations in this 2019 holiday gift guide! Whether you’re shopping for the wellness warrior, domestic dame, green goddess, mindful mama, or heart-centered entrepreneur, or if you simply need some crowd-pleasers or healthy stocking stuffers ideas, you’ll be sure to find something new and inspiring in this list! Plus, we’ve got tons of special discounts just for you AND $1,994 worth of incredible GIVEAWAYS!!

Looking for healthy yet fun holiday gift ideas for your friends and family? We’ve got 25 creative yet practical recommendations in this 2019 holiday gift guide! Whether you’re shopping for the wellness warrior, domestic dame, green goddess, mindful mama, or heart-centered entrepreneur, or if you simply need some crowd-pleasers or healthy stocking stuffers ideas, you’ll be sure to find something new and inspiring in this list! Plus, we’ve got tons of special discounts just for you AND $1,914 worth of incredible GIVEAWAYS!!

This post is sponsored by Plant Therapy and Air Doctor Pro. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make it possible for Root + Revel to provide free content and healthy living inspiration.

What better gift can you give loved ones than something that promotes their health and wellness and makes them feel truly great?

Whether you’re looking to spoil your special someone with natural beauty and spa-quality products, or want to upgrade their home environment to be safer and non-toxic, or are looking for that perfect gift for mama and her new baby, or if you’re simply in need of a few small ideas for a fun gift or stocking stuffer–you’re going to love our recommendations in this year’s healthy holiday gift guide!

We have tons of special savings for all of your holiday shopping needs (because who doesn't want to save money?!) and eight amazing giveaways with a whopping $1,994 in value! (Note that you need to enter each giveaway you're interested in separately so we can ensure you're getting the prize you want!)

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Air Doctor Pro Air Purifier

1) AIR Doctor Pro's Air Purifier

While I wish clean air was a given, it's unfortunately not–which is what makes the AIR Doctor Pro an amazing gift to help detox any home. The AIR Doctor Pro is one of the only air purifiers that not only removes almost 100% of particles like dust, pollen and pet dander, but also the vast majority of toxic ozone, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) like formaldehyde, and gases.

It’s known for its UltraHEPA™ Filter that’s 100 times more effective than ordinary HEPA filters, able to capture 99.99% of the most dangerous ultrafine particles including germs and viruses down to .003 microns (ordinary HEPA systems can’t reach these super tiny particles as they can only trap down to .3 microns).

Our friends at Air Doctor Pro put together a special offer for R+R readers! For a limited time, get $300 off (nearly 48%!!) when you shop here, PLUS you'll get one FREE additional filter. That means you can get this amazing machine for just $329 + shipping!


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Whether you're a new homeowner or simply want to make sure that your current home is optimized to support your health, safety and its maximum eco efficiency, this new homeowner checklist has got your back! Read on to discover ways you can create your healthiest home while also saving money, protecting your family, conserving energy and supporting the environment.

2) Avocado Green Mattress

Go big this year for a loved one and upgrade your mattress! Standard mattresses are ripe with toxins and chemicals–do you really want to be sleeping on that every night? Avocado Green Mattress makes some of the most green, healthy, social-conscious and luxuriously supportive foam mattresses imaginable. I have one and I love it! They even offer a pay plan option starting at 0% APR, making the switch to healthier sleep more attainable than ever. Plus, get two FREE pillows with any mattress purchase with the code 2FREEPILLOWS!

For other natural and organic bedding options, read our comprehensive Ultimate Bedding Guide.


3) Sun Basket

Know someone strapped for time when it comes to dinner planning? Sun Basket is hands-down my favorite healthy meal delivery service. They deliver organic, sustainable ingredients and delicious recipes to make cooking at home fun and easy. Meals are ready in about 30 minutes, no meal planning or grocery shopping required! The packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable. There’s a wide variety of meal choices each week, and they offer Paleo, Lean & Clean, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Family meal plans. Most importantly, the food is actually delicious! Try Sun Basket for yourself and get $35 off your first box!


4) Dry Farm Wines

You can never go wrong with gifting wine, IMO! Dry Farm Windes sources wine from makers all over the world. Dry Farm Wines source wines according to our uncompromising criteria of farming and purity. They vet every grower, taste every wine, and ensure every wine is lab-tested through an independent enologist. This means organic, lower alcohol (less than 12.5%), Keto and Paleo friendly, lower sulphites (less than 75 ppm), vegan, sugar-free (less than1g/L), and free of toxic additives.

All of this, plus delivered to your door on a schedule that works for you. If you haven't, I highly recommend you give Dry Farm Wines a try.

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5) Grove Collaborative's Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Know someone with a cleaning compulsion? Help them make the swap to safer products with Grove Collaborative’s concentrates, formulated with plant-derived ingredients and scented with 100% natural essential oils. Did I mention they work like gangbusters? They’ve got an All-Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, and Tub & Tile Cleaner, all for just $7.95. PLUS, use my link to get a FREE Cleaning Concentrates Bundle, which includes Grove Cleaning Concentrates (3 pack), Grove Glass Spray Bottle, Grove Caddy, Grove Walnut Scrubber Sponges, free shipping & a VIP Trial!


Plant Therapy Organic Essential Oils

6) Plant Therapy's 100% Pure, Undiluted, Organic Essential Oils

Whether you're shopping for a seasoned wellness junkie or someone new to more natural lifestyle, you can't go wrong with essential oils! Not only do they make the perfect stocking stuffer, but they're a practical gift that will keep on giving for months to come. If you know someone who enjoys DIY remedies, cleaning and beauty products, or if you want to give premade blends to help promote immunity, relaxation, energy and so much more–then essential oils are the way to go.

I love Plant Therapy–their oils are 100% pure, free from any additives, adulterants, or dilutions, and their facility is USDA Certified Organic. Unlike many of the big-name MLM essential companies, Plant Therapy has super reasonable prices (without sacrificing quality!). Their essential oils come in varieties like synergies, singles, organic, and pre-diluted roll-ons. I also like their sleek UltraFuse Essential Oil Diffuser that has Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair with your phone or tablet and double as a speaker–how cool! Get 10% off your order of $50 or more sitewide with the coupon code ROOT10!

  • Enter below to win Plant Therapy's Top 6 Organic Synergies Set (100% pure Organic Nature Shield, Relax, Rapid Relief, Germ Fighter, Immune Aid, and Energy) and Organic Sampler Set (100% pure Organic Citronella, Rosemary, Cedarwood Atlas, Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Eucalyptus Globulus)–a $79.90 value!


7) Red Light Therapy Machine

If you really want to impress the wellness junkie in your life, then buying a red light therapy machine is the way to go! The benefits of red light therapy are astounding–it’s proven to boost cell health, immunity, reduce inflammation, optimize cognitive function, and a whole lot more. This post explains all the applications, how it works, and what devices to buy so anyone can enjoy the health-promoting benefits at-home! We recommend:

8) Yoga Club Subscription Box

Who doesn't know someone that loves either a) yoga, or b) yoga clothes? Yoga Club is an activewear subscription box at 50% off retail prices! How it works: your lucky gift recipient will take a style quiz, then their stylists will match her up with a 3-piece outfit designed for her activities, personality, and body type, all from top brands like manduka, Beyond Yoga, teeki, and onzie. Namaste!

9) Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Have a loved one who works at the computer all day or late into the evenings? The gift of blue light blocking glasses will help protect your screen-staring friend from eye strain, headaches, disturbed sleep, and disruption to their circadian rhythm. When I started wearing blue light glasses in the evening–coupled with other tweaks to my daily routine–I noticed a HUGE change in my energy and sleep in just a few days! In this post we rounded up the best, stylish blue light glasses, but here are some of our faves:

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10) Intuitive Eating Books

Know someone overly stressed about food and their body image? (Raising my hand!) Intuitive Eating has been a godsend for me this year! No more dieting or unhealthy food obsessions. I’m an advocate for finding what feels good and right for YOUR body, and only YOU can know what that is (not anyone else who doesn’t live inside your body). If you think this approach and mindset would resonate with someone you know, I highly recommend The Intuitive Eating Workbook: 10 Principles for Nourishing a Healthy Relationship with Food, The F*ck It Diet, and Anti-Diet (getting released December 24th but available for preorder).


11) The Choosy Chick Green Beauty Boutique

Green beauty lovers, rejoice! I recently discovered The Choosy Chick, a green beauty boutique with a very strict ingredient standard. They ensure every item is safe, effective, cruelty-free, and comes in recyclable or reusable packaging. I've been loving the organic dry shampoo, quick flick eyeliner, and face tan water I got last week. Use the code ROOTREVEL for 10% off! For holiday gifting, check out the Holiday Green Glam Beauty Box–a gorgeous box of highly coveted, natural and organic beauty products valued at $143 for only $99! Ships free in the USA and you can even personalize a gift tag.


12) The Detox Market's Detox Box

What better way to keep giving all year long than with a monthly subscription box? One of the most popular clean beauty boxes, the Detox Box from the Detox Market features holy grail green beauty products valued at $90 (plus free shipping!). All products are cruelty-free, meet the Detox Market’s safe ingredient standards, and actually perform. Past brands include some of my personal faves, like Innersense, Vapour, Osmia, One Love, Hynt, Josh Rosebrook, Herbivore, Indie Lee, and W3ll People.


True Botanicals Skincare

13) True Botanicals Skincare

True Botanicals is one of my all-time favorite skincare lines. My skin FINALLY stopped breaking out–I’m talking not a single breakout, the discoloration and acne scars faded, my skin glowed and felt silky smooth. It was a freaking miracle! Plus, the brand is certified MADE SAFE, cruelty-free and the majority of ingredients are certified organic and wild-harvested, meaning they’re grown in their natural environment. Perfect for anyone looking for a clean and effective skincare brand!

  • Enter below to win the ultimate hydration trio: Moisture Lock Overnight Mask, Moisture Lock Lip Balm, and a Pure Radiance Face Oil–a total value of $213!


14) EVOLVh's Natural Hair Care

EVOLVh is revolutionizing hair care with a simple 3-step system that's biology driven and meets the molecular needs of every strand from deep inside the core of each fiber. Their vegan products are free from all harmful ingredients AND actually perform! I also love their extra products like the UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque (leaving it in overnight makes my hair the softest it’s ever been!) and SuperFinish Polishing Balm (a superhero that delivers brilliant shine and flyaway control, defrizzes, moisturizes, strengthens, prevents breakage and splitting). Use the code ROOT for 15% off at EVOLVh!


15) Beautycounter's Holiday Gift Sets

Beautycounter–one of my fave clean beauty brands free from over 1,500 chemicals of concern–makes an amazing gift for women and men alike! With revolutionary skincare, makeup that actually lasts, and an entire men's line, you can check off something for everyone on your list. Be sure to look at their holiday collection with six new products, 21 new shades, and 16 new limited-edition holiday sets, or see my tried and true favorites in this post!

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16) Lovevery Play Gym

Raise your hand if you hate that a-rainbow-threw-up baby scheme that so many toys have? I was psyched to find this play gym that I’d actually like seeing in my house. And let me tell you, Jackson loves it so so much. Tummy time with the high-contrast black and white cards, staring at the adorable hanging toys for hours, and even snuggling with the pup and kitties on the mat, he is in heaven. Highly recommend for stylish mamas looking for stimulating, sensory activities for their babes.

17) Literati's Children and Baby Book Club

Know an expecting mama? With Literati, for just $9.95 a month she'll get a package with a new theme, like science or friendship, that includes five age-appropriate books, six personalized book plates, original art by a famous illustrator, a personalized note and themed surprise extras. Then you get a week to explore the books and pick your favorites, buy only the books you love (price matched or cheaper than on Amazon) and return the rest. It’s such a fun way to explore new books, without having to buy before you read. Their books are inspiring, creative, beautiful, aspirational, and educational all at once. Waive your first month's membership fee using the code RRLIT!

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18) Hope & Henry Organic Baby Clothes

When my package from Hope & Henry arrived my heart exploded. I love dressing Jackson like a little man and this brand makes the absolute cutest button-down shirts and chambray, handsome sweaters and jackets, structured chinos and playful knits and bathing suits (and they’ve got gorgeous girl clothes, too!). In addition to being made from raw cotton that’s farmed organically, I love how sturdy their baby clothes are–they really hold up to being well worn, well loved, and handed down again and again.

19) Cake Maternity Nursing Bras with Bamboobies Nursing Pillows

Help a breastfeeding mama out with supportive products to make her life easier! Cake Maternity makes some of my very favorite nursing bras–see all my favorites here in this post about The Best Nursing Bras. And thank God for Bamboobies nursing pillows–a quick zap in the microwave and these soothing pillows went in my bra between almost every feed and made me feel so much better!

20) UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller and MESA Infant Car Seat

This is the Mac Daddy of all strollers, beloved by natural and conventional mamas alike. It’s expensive, but let me tell you that it is worth EVERY. LAST. PENNY. I love it because it’s one of the only strollers on the market that doesn’t contain flame retardants and it’s OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. Plus, it’s super lightweight, and easy to collapse and click in the car seat (easily the safest car seat on the market, this NHSTA 5-star beauty is naturally fire resistant (i.e. made without toxic chemical flame retardants) as it’s made from merino wool.) with just ONE SINGLE button. My parents, who raised kids in the 80s and 90s, are always so amazed at how easy everything clicks in. The Vista also comes with a bassinet, which proved invaluable for travel. Instead of having to bring a pack and play, we’d just use the basinett as Jackson’s crib and he loved it. Plus, it’s so pretty–check out those leather handles–we went with the Henry color. The CRUZ is their smaller stroller and makes for a great option for families with just one child. Buy it at SaksBuyBuyBaby, Nordstrom or Amazon.


21) The Six-Figure Blog Academy

Yep–even though enrollment is closed until January, you can buy a gift certificate to our very own blogging academy for redemption next time we open the doors! If you know someone who has been wanting to enroll, or maybe a loved one of yours already has a blog they want to start taking more seriously (and making more money from!) in 2020, then our course would make an amazing gift! Simply email me at and let me know if you want to purchase the Academy ($497) or Academy + three private coaching calls ($897) and I'll send a gift certificate your way for your recipient to redeem in January.

22) Do Less By Kate Northrup + Origin Collective Membership

The book Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms has seriously CHANGED my life and business this year! I'm learning how to harness my natural energy patterns better than ever, prioritize what's important, and let go of things that don't serve me–and credit Kate Northrup as being one the big catalysts! I loved it so much that I joined her business mastermind for 2020 and cannot wait. Her membership program the Origin Collective is perfect for any female entrepreneur who wants to learn how to manage her time and energy with ease and grace.

Sparkle Hustle Grow subscription box: gift for entrepreneur

23) Sparkle Hustle Grow Subscription Box

Know a female business owner? This box is for her! With Sparkle Hustle Grow, she'll get access to tools, trainings, and a community to help her grow her business. They dig through the clutter and deliver the best of the best in business books, tech gadgets, online trainings, and chic office supplies, plus get access to the private Facebook community. She'll love getting fun new goodies every month!

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Everything is Figureoutable book

24) Everything is Figureoutable By Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo–host of the award-winning MarieTV–is one of the biggest names when it comes to online business expertise. Her new book Everything is Figureoutable just came out a couple months ago and was an instant #1 New York Times Bestseller! Entreprenuer or not, this book will retrain your brain to think more creatively and positively in the face of setbacks–who couldn't benefit from this wisdom?

25) 99 Designs Graphic Design Support

Gift a business owner support with their branding or logo design! I recently used 99 Designs to create my new logo for my personal brand and was impressed with their awesome creativity and expertise in helping bring my vision to life. If you're unfamiliar with 99 Designs, it's super cool: either get a custom design (anything from branding to advertising to websites and clothing and much more!) by working directly with a designer, or start a contest where designers submit ideas and you pick your favorite. Start your own design here with $10 off when you use our link!



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