Smoothies & Drinks

Who doesn’t love a good smoothie? They’re quick to make, delicious, and contain a whole lot of nutrients. From the classic strawberry banana combo to the perfect post-workout shake, these drinks will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.
A list of some of our favourite recipes that are healthy, easy to make, and super yummy. Whether you’re looking for something fruity or green, this guide has got you covered!
Keto Hot Chocolate

Keto Hot Chocolate Recipe

Looking for a Keto Hot Chocolate Recipe? How about one that’s homemade, easy to make from a mix, dairy free, Paleo, refined sugar free, chockfull of superfoods, and yet extra thick and creamy and delicious? Healthy hot chocolate to the rescue!  UPDATE: This post was originally published in February 2018. Thanksgiving is exactly …

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Healthy Gingerbread Smoothie Recipe (Vegan, Gluten-Free + Paleo Friendly)

This Christmas, make this healthy gingerbread smoothie recipe–a festive holiday drink that’s vegan, gluten-free, Paleo-friendly and absolutely delicious! Made with molasses, this guilt-free gingerbread smoothie will put you in the holiday spirit, without any refined sugar. All you need is a blender and five simple ingredients, and your breakfasts just got …

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What Is A Smoothie?

A smoothie is a cold, blended drink made from milk or fruit juice with fresh or frozen fruit, yogurt, honey or sweetener, and ice cubes.
Smoothies are a healthy snack or meal because they provide nutrients that you need throughout the day in an easy-to-make and consume format.

The Benefits of Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, and protein. It's cheaper than buying a meal at a juice bar and you can control the ingredients. Plus, they're delicious!
Some people think that smoothies are just for breakfast or a post-workout snack but they can be enjoyed anytime of day. They're refreshingly light for those hot summer days and satisfying enough for when you need some extra energy throughout the day. Smoothies are also easy on your wallet. If you buy the ingredients in bulk and make them yourself, you'll save money from buying expensive fruit drinks from cafes.
If you have kids, making a smoothie is an excellent way to get them started with eating fruits and vegetables. By using frozen fruits instead of fresh ones, you can give your little ones their favourite fruit flavour without having to worry about it spoiling too quickly or if it will be too sour for them.
Smoothies can also help you break bad habits like having sugary snacks in-between meals or skipping breakfast altogether. They contain plenty of fibre and protein which will keep hunger away so you won't be reaching for something else while on-the-go!

Top 5 Favourite Recipes

-Strawberry Banana: This is the classic. Make it with skim milk, yogurt, and frozen strawberries for a perfect light breakfast that will last you through the morning.
-Green Machine: Want to eat your vegetables? Add spinach to this refreshing smoothie made with unflavoured vegan protein, almond milk, honey, and kale.
-Berry Blast: Strawberries and blueberries are packed into this delicious shake made with milk and vanilla protein powder.
-Coconut Cacao Nibs: Get your chocolate fix without any added sugar in this coffee break combo made with almond milk, coffee or espresso, raw cacao nibs, and coconut oil.
-Piña Colada Ice Cream Smoothie: Slim down your favourite summer drink by making it into a yummy smoothie! Blend together coconut water or pineapple juice, vanilla yogurt or coconut cream, frozen pineapple chunks or ice cubes, and shredded coconut until they are thick and creamy (add a few drops of stevia if you want it sweeter).