Salads + Side Dishes

Salads and side dishes are an excellent way to give a dinner some extra pop. Salads should be much more than just lettuce and tomatoes. You can add all kinds of nutritious, fresh vegetables from classics like sweet young corn, to fruits such as peaches; you can even include whole grains such as quinoa or farro for variety! Crisp salads – cool, refreshing ones that allow you to sneak in more nutrition without having your family realize it- make the perfect start at any meal by pairing with any main course imaginable. From steakhouse classics like Caesar or Waldorf salad recipes; to international-inspired salads including those inspired by Mexican cuisine: there is plenty here for everyone looking for ideas when trying out new tastes! Side dishes not only play an important role in making your overall experience memorable but also help complement the main entree so put care into them too (just don’t forget about what vegetable will go well with them)!

Side Dishes

That Complete the Meal
Salads and side dishes make a meal complete. You can't have just one without the other. So, for an exceptional dinner experience, you need to nail both!
Salads are great because they're healthy and refreshing. They're also easy to make and there's not as much risk of overcooking because they can be served cold or at room temperature (unlike a potato or grain dish). There are so many options when it comes to salads that you can mix it up every time by adding a different type of vegetable.
Side dishes don't just complement your entree - they complete it! They add texture, crunch, and color that will take your meal from good to excellent. Not to mention that serving side dishes gives everyone their own dish so they can decide which vegetables they like best! The combinations are endless; you could serve anything from potatoes and rice, to cauliflower or broccoli with cheese sauce.