Probiotic Skincare

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What is probiotic skincare and why should I consider it?

Just like in the gut, our skin must try to protect against pathogens invading from the outside environment. When the right balance between good and bad bacteria is lost, it can contribute to skin disorders and diseases. Probiotic skincare is a great way to address this.

That's where Mother Dirt comes in. In their patent-pending process, they use a sensitive microorganism called AOB (Ammonia-Oxidizing-Bacteria) as their core measurement for testing biome-friendliness. If you remove AOB from an ecosystem in nature, it would crumble. When restored, it thrives again. The same is true for our skin!

AOB used to live on our skin, but today they've been long wiped out due to all the products we use and the rare time we spend outdoors. In fact, this bacteria is still found on untouched indigenous tribes, whose skin is in a native, healthy state.

Essentially, AOB is a peacekeeper that converts toxic buildup and sweat back into helpful things for the skin's ecosystem, like a healthy pH, and keeping other microorganisms in check. If an ingredient or product is friendly to AOB, then it will also be friendly to the other delicate microorganisms of the biome as well. (Read more about the research here.)

AOB are truly good bacteria with no downsides and decades of science to prove it. There have never been any reports of illness or disease related to AOB and they are literally incapable of causing an infection.

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What else makes Mother Dirt's probiotic skincare products different?

  • Preservative-free: preservatives have a negative effect on AOB, which shouldn't be surprising because preservatives exist for the sole purpose of preventing bacteria and other microorganisms from growing in products. Many raw materials used in skincare come with a preservative, so Mother Dirt actively seeks out unpreserved raw materials to test and use in development.
  • It has expiration dates: these biome-friendly products nurture and feed a living ecosystem without ingredients meant to inhibit or kill. These products have an expiration date counted in weeks instead of years.
  • No added fragrances (unfamiliar with the dangers of fragrance? Read this post) and hypoallergenic
  • Certified MADE SAFE® brand: MADE SAFE® is a nonprofit organization and independent third-party verification process that created the USA’s first non-toxic seal for everyday products. Mother Dirt’s signature product, the AO+ Mist, was the first MADE SAFE® certified live probiotic product!

They also have an awesome sulfate-free shampoo, new hydrating body oil, and new body wash (which smells like refreshing lemongrass)!


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