Healthy Breakfast On-The-Go: The Best Convenience Foods

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In need of a quick healthy breakfast on-the-go, with no time to cook yourself? In this post we've rounded up our favorite premade convenience foods that make for a complete meal and are ready in minutes (or less!). 

In need of a quick healthy breakfast on-the-go, with no time to cook yourself? In this post we've rounded up our favorite premade convenience foods that make for a complete meal and are ready in minutes (or less!). 

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Recently, we've been talking a lot about Intuitive Eating on the blog.

After getting caught up over the years about what to eat and what to avoid, about what’s ‘real food’ and anti-inflammatory vs. what’s real enough or not too refined or processed, what has the exact perfect balance of carbs, protein, fat and fiber, etc… I’m now taking a new approach to food where things aren’t so black and white and food is neither good nor bad. It’s just food.

I’m trusting my body more, because I know how I feel when I eat or don’t eat certain foods–and that’s MY choice, not some outsider or expert telling me what I should and shouldn’t be eating or following particular rules and dogma around food.

So what's Intuitive Eating, in case you're unfamiliar?

Intuitive Eating is a framework to help you get back in touch with your body’s natural wisdom, rebuild the trust between your mind and body and heal your relationship with food so you can actually enjoy your life (rather than spend it worrying about food and your body all the time).

It’s about listening to YOUR body to guide your food and exercise choices. It’s about following your internal signals like hunger, fullness and satisfaction and rejecting external cues like diets, food rules and societal trends.

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healthy breakfast on-the-go: Health Warrior

After years of religiously following the “Wellness Diet”, it's definitely a process to embrace this new way of relating to food. That's why I decided to work with an Intuitive Eating coach when I felt called to explore this further in my life, because–even though it's such a NATURAL process and should really be the way we always eat–it's NOT been the norm for me as an adult. So I called in some help.

One piece of guidance my coached offered was that I needed to eat MORE, not less. Say whaaaaat!? At first, I was shocked by this advice, not because I was intentionally not eating enough. I just get so busy. In the mornings, I often don't eat until after 10 am, once I'm totally ravenous, because there's just so much going on trying to get ready for the day, get Jackson ready for school and start working. I just wasn't making time for food.

So my coach recommended I eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. At first this was hard for me to grasp, because I didn't know what to eat in the morning. I knew I needed to get some protein and healthy fats and energy-giving carbs, but the thought of making something from scratch in the mornings stressed me out. I'm too busy with work and my one-year-old to make time for cooking elaborate meals in the mornings.

Sure, homemade meals would be amazing, but sometimes we just have to meet ourselves where we're at, ya know? If you're not making the time to cook breakfast, then settling for your best, premade alternative is a great option.

So instead of feeling bad about not living up to some false expectation of myself where I'm Martha Stewart and cook everything from scratch, I embraced my newfound food freedom and started researching the best premade breakfasts that offer a complete, nourishing meal. What were the easiest things possible I could find that still provided nutrition and made me feel great when I need a healthy breakfast on-the-go?

Because sometimes, good enough is good enough, and honestly, there are a lot of delicious options out there!

Read on for some of my favorite healthy breakfast on-the-go food!

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healthy breakfast on-the-go: Health Warrior

Healthy Breakfast On-The-Go

Health Warrior's Mug Muffins + Protein Bars

If a handy and reliable breakfast option is what you need to get your mornings going with ease, I love Health Warrior’s products, which are all made with nourishing ingredients that taste as good as they make you feel!

When you’re really in a hurry, Health Warrior's new Protein Mug Muffins are ready in under a minute. Just add water, stir and microwave and you’ve got a warm, spoonable blueberry, banana nut or peanut butter chocolate chip muffin at the ready! These are perfect for kids with 12 grams of protein and made from superfoods like sorghum, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and almonds.

They have a new double chocolate flavor that is super delicious if you're a chocolate-in-the-morning kinda girl, without having a lot of sugar. Though sugar is allowed when you're Intuitively Eating (because NOTHING is off limits!), the truth is that most of us don't feel great when we eat a lot of sugar. So getting your sweet tooth fix without a lot of sugar can be a perfect feel-good way to start your day.

Bonus points for anyone with legit food allergies–all Health Warrior products are gluten-, dairy-, GMO- and soy free.

When I’m in the mood for something with a touch of sweetness, I also like Health Warrior’s Chia Bars and Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars (the chocolate peanut butter will ROCK.YOUR.WORLD!)! They are made predominantly with plant-based superfoods and low amounts of natural sugars and really hit the spot.

You can buy Health Warrior’s products direct through their website–where they have a ‘best price guarantee’ AND you can get 20% off your order with the code rootandrevel20, whoop!–and also on Amazon or at Thrive Market.

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  • Cucina & Amore's Kitchen & Love Quinoa Quick Meals: I recently found Kitchen & Love's Quinoa Quick Meals, ready-to-eat meals that comes with a cup of already cooked quinoa, veggies, and a sauce to mix in, plus a spork is included for extra convenience. No need to add water. No need to refrigerate. Simply stir and go! Enjoy it hot or cold in its microwavable BPA-free cup. They're also vegan with no sugar added.
  • Bantam Bagels' Cheddar Egg Bites: OMG, talk about DELICIOUS! This is an everything bagel stuffed with scrambled eggs and cheddar. These really hits the spot when you're craving a savory breakfast!
  • Amy's Kitchen Frozen Burritos: Amy's Kitchen is one of the best frozen brands when it comes to ‘clean', nourishing food. Almost everything is made from scratch and their burritos are even hand rolled! They've got classic flavors like the Ranchero Breakfast Burrito or the Gluten Free + Vegan Breakfast Burrito, or you can venture out and try something non-traditional for breakfast like the Vietnamese Banh Mi Wrap or Moroccan Tagine Wrap.
  • Bob's Red Mill Instant Oatmeal Cup: Organic, whole grain and gluten-free, oatmeal doesn't get easier than Bob's Red Mill premade instant cups! Ready in three minutes, these cups pack a good serving of both protein and fiber.
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healthy breakfast on-the-go: Daily Harvest

  • Daily Harvest's Superfood Cups: Daily Harvest is a delicious subscription service that delivers nutritionist-created superfood eats to your door including smoothies, chia puddings, overnight oats, superfood lattes, activated bowls, and soups! They make healthy eating easy with pre-portioned cups that you just have to pop in your freezer and then, when you’re ready to eat, they’re ready in 30 seconds. Just add liquid and blend, soak or heat on your schedule. No prep, no mess! Plus, their ingredients are always picked at peak maturity, then flash frozen to maintain farm-fresh nutrient density and flavor–all without using preservatives or adding sugar. This means that these cups aren’t just convenient and beyond tasty, but are ultra healthy and nutritious! Use the code rootandrevel for three free cups in your first box!

healthy breakfast on-the-go: SmoothieBox

Premade Smoothies

I love smoothies, but over the last year I pretty much exclusively made premade smoothies from delivery companies.

Instead of having to buy a bunch of ingredients, wash and chop and measure them out, and meal plan in advance, smoothie delivery services are a quick and healthy breakfast alternative that shows up right to your door, saving you time with ready-to-blend smoothie pouches or bottles that are ready in just 60 seconds! Talk about an easy, healthy breakfast on-the-go.

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My favorites are:

  • SmoothieBox: super smoothies packed with the balanced macronutrients you need to fuel your busy day: a full serving of organic fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and grass-fed collagen protein (20-28 grams of protein per smoothie), with no added sugar or fillers (less than 20 grams of sugar per smoothie). When you use our special link you’ll get $10 off your first box + free shipping!
  • The Frozen GardenAll of The Frozen Garden’s smoothies are Non-GMO Project Verified, and they use Certified Organic for any ingredient on the EWG’s Dirty Dozen™ list that are not available locally. Plus, their pouches are BPA-free and can be recycled in most residential recycling programs.
  • Raw Generation100% raw and cold-pressed. These non-GMO and vegan smoothies (which are really more like fresh nut milks in texture than a smoothie) come ready to go in 12-ounce containers, no blending required!
  • Everipe: uses 100% plant-based and organic ingredients, right down to the spices, seeds and nuts, with zero added sugars or preservatives. They use a unique process of freeze-drying, a natural process that maintains more nutrients than freezing or drying; freeze-drying also helps reduce food waste and means their products are shelf stable!
  • Daily Harvest (already mentioned above)

healthy breakfast on-the-go: soups + bone broth

Soup + Bone Broth

This may be unconventional in the west, but many eastern and Asian countries eat soup for breakfast and I couldn't be a bigger fan!

I'm obsessed with the Organic tomato + red pepper soup from Trader Joe's, and I also love Kettle & Fire's new bone broth soups with flavors like Thai Curry and Spicy Cauliflower, or simply sipping on their flavored bone broths like Turmeric Ginger or Lemongrass Ginger Pho.

Why Kettle & Fire? Their broths are made from 100% organic, free-range chicken bones and vegetables using a slow-simmer method to extract high amounts of protein (10g per serving). Their broth is never frozen and is the first and only shelf-stable bone broth out there, so you can store it in your pantry for up to 2 years (great for freeing up valuable freezer space!). You’ll find no harmful ingredients like MSG and no added preservatives or hormones. Use the code RRHQ15 for 15% off!

(Psst… want to learn more about all the amazing effects of bone broth, recipes + top tip from health experts? Snag this FREE Bone Broth Bible from Kettle & Fire here, a 57-page e-book that will tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about bone broth while debunking lots of myths out there!)

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There you have it–some of my top picks for convenient, healthy breakfast on-the-go foods that make a complete meal. What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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