Top 5 Food + Health Trends to Watch in 2018

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Get ahead of the curve with this sneak peek into the top five food and health trends to watch in 2018! From plant-based products taking over more of the market to superfood powder infused everything, here's what you can expect to be in vogue this year. 

Get ahead of the curve with this sneak peek into the top five food and health trends to watch in 2018! From plant-based products taking over more of the market to superfood powder infused everything, here's what you can expect to be in vogue this year. 

Happy New Year!

This time of year always causes a craze for new food and health trends and resolutions. With more healthy food, diet and lifestyle options at our fingertips than ever before, what can we expect to stick around for the year (and beyond!) versus being a passing fad?

We've researched the predictions from different market research companies and big players like Whole Foods to bring you the top five food and health trends you can expect for 2018! Ready to hop on the bandwagon?

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1) 2018 Food & Health Trends: Plant-Based Products

There's no denying the enormous spike in demand for plant-based products and protein alternatives these last few years. More and more people are opting for a ‘flexitarian diet', eating a mix of plant-based meals with occasional meat and seafood.

Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay told The Daily Meal, “We are clearly going way more vegetable-focused than ever before. The more vegetables I put on my menu at Gato, the more I sell. So, I think that you’re going to see way more all vegetarian restaurants where you don't even need meat on the menu.”

FORTUNE reported that plant-based milk alternatives have grown 45% by volume in the U.S.A., comprising 7% of the retail milk market over the last five years, according to industry tracker Euromonitor. Right now meat substitutes make up less than 1% of the processed meat and seafood retail market by volume, but Euromonitor is estimating 10% growth in the U.S. and 23% globally over the next half decade.

2) 2018 Food & Health Trends: Superfood Powders

Help sneak extra nutrients into everything you eat with superfood powders! Whole Foods’ global buyers, experts, and industry leaders recently released a carefully curated list of trends they predict will dominate 2018, with superfood powders like matcha, turmeric, spirulina, and maca root landing at the #2 position. 

Whole Foods predicts that we’ll start finding more of them in “everything from nutrition bars to soups to baked goods” in order to give these products a flavor and nutrition boost. Some of my personal favorite superfood powder brands are Amazing Grass, The Maca Team, and Vital Proteins.

Make your own superfood powder treats at home with these real food recipes:

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3) 2018 Food & Health Trends: Conscious Food Choices

According to Innova Market Insight, ‘mindful choices' is the #1 food trend to look for in 2018. Consumers are more conscious than ever about making responsible food choices, and increasingly want to know what is in their food and how it is produced.

Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone told The Daily Meal, “Knowing where your food comes from will continue to be something that both chefs and consumers are interested in. I always try to source ingredients from local farms or sources I’m familiar with. In fact, at my restaurant I am constantly switching up the menu to incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients.”

Fortunately, we've got tons of articles here on R+R that can help you become a more concious consumer:

4) 2018 Food & Health Trends: Edible Florals

Whole Food's #1 predicted health trend for 2018? An increase in edible flowers and floral flavors like rose, lavender, elderflower, and hibiscus.

Whether that means adding a bloom into your dish or infusing its flavors into drinks, flowers are getting a delicious makeover, appearing in lavender lattes, pink hibiscus teas, and rose-flavored everything.

This vegan probiotic yogurt from Harmless Harvest is full of healthy fats (MCTs), fiber and plant-based probiotics for gut health and overall wellbeing.

5) 2018 Food & Health Trends: Sugar Nix + Gut Health Boost 

My Domaine reported that Kind tapped its network of 740 registered and practicing dietitians and nutrition experts across the U.S. to predict which health and wellness trends will actually stick around in 2018 and beyond.

One big consensus among those surveyed is that, overall, consumers will be most focused on cutting out added sugar, while adding more protein and prebiotics/probiotics to their diets. What are probiotics? Get to know your gut and find out which probiotics are best for you with this guide!

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Which of these food and health trends are you most surprised by for 2018? What else do you predict will make waves and go viral this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Hey! I’ve been reading a lot of your blog posts (mostly in the last 24 hours during my reading rampage), and I wondered if you have a preference between the Primal Kitchen and Vital Proteins collagen powders. Thanks!

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    This is a very good blog on health tips. I would like to thank you for all the information you give. It’s really important to choose the best healthy tips to maintain your Fitness.

  3. I agree that we’re heading toward a more vegetable focused world. I wonder if in a century or two, eating meat will be entirely non-existent. Some people will be able say “back in my day, people used to eat animals” and they’ll get strange looks from people.

  4. Totally agree with this list… These all became very popular in 2017 and I am sure the trend is only going to grow even bigger in 2018! Yay for healthy food. 🙂

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