Best Organic Grass Fed Meat Delivery Sources

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From organic grass fed beef delivery to wild-caught seafood and other organic meats, here’s the top 9 sources of organic meat delivery online.

A roundup of 9 health meat and seafood delivery services in 2021 including grass-fed, organic, and wild-caught.

UPDATE: This post on organic grass fed meat delivery was originally published in July 2017 and was updated in June 2022 with the latest delivery services and deals. 


There are so many reasons to swap conventional, factory-farmed meat for grass-fed, pasture-raised animal protein. It's more humane and better for the animal; it's more sustainable and better for the environment; and it's higher in nutrients and better for YOU!

But finding high-quality, organic, grass-fed meat or wild-caught, sustainable seafood isn't always easy.

Fortunately, there's a handful of online organic grass fed meat delivery services offering organic, sustainable and grass-finished meat and seafood–shop from the comfort of your couch and get stock your freezer with the delicious meats delivered right to your front door.

Below, we’ll jump straight into our top picks for the best organic grass fed meat delivery sources but if you’re interested in learning more about why organic grass-fed and sustainably produced meat and seafood can benefit your overall health, and the health of the environment, click here to jump to the section below!


Skirt steak on a cutting board half sliced with a knife made from organic grass fed beef delivery

1. Grass-Fed Meat Delivery Subscription Service: ButcherBox

ButcherBox is a monthly subscription service providing organic grass fed meat delivery, directly to your door, in one simple, eco-friendly box! They curate an awesome selection of hormone- and antibiotic-free cuts each month including 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free-range organic chicken and heritage breed pork, wild-caught and sustainable Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, scallops, cod, halibut, and lobster, along with easy-to-follow grass-fed recipes from the pros.

The price works out to less than $6/meal, with free shipping (to the continental 48 states)! This is a great option for you if you want to skip the shopping and know that each month you'll have a new assortment of meat automatically delivered to you, curated by the ButcherBox industry experts.

ButcherBox has been our favorite meat delivery service for years now, not only because of the high-quality meat, but because they truly believe in doing better, like treating our planet with respect and caring about the lives of animals and the livelihoods of farmers.

Get 7lbs of FREE meat with your first ButcherBox order – CLICK HERE!

Still not convinced? Hopefully this unboxing video demo will help!

Pork butt in a pot surrounded by condiments like chimichurri sauce, onions and cilantro on the counter.

2. Grass-Fed Meat Delivery: Farm Foods Market

Farm Foods Market works with small family farms and small, family run butchers that are all as close to the farms as possible to minimize transportation that could be stressful to the cattle. They source 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef free of hormones and antibiotics, as well as grass-fed lamb and bison.

In addition, look for their variety of other unique meats like heritage duck, heritage pheasant, sausage links, elk (medallions and ground meat), wild boar, rabbit, wild salmon, and some pre-made foods like heritage pork meatballs, wild salmon burgers, beef snack sticks, and grass-fed beef meatloaf.

All farms are non-GMO, some are certified humane and/or organic. You can read about the farms and their practices before ordering to know exactly what meat you're getting and ensure your values align.


Miso glazed salmon over lentils on a white plate being carried.

3. Wild-Caught, Sustainable Seafood Delivery: Wild Alaskan Company

Wild Alaskan Company is a membership service that delivers wild-caught, sustainable seafood from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest directly to your doorstep. They source from a variety of high-quality suppliers, but never supply farmed fish.

Pick from the salmon (like sockeye and coho), white fish (like cod and halibut), or combo plan and enjoy the freedom to change your next delivery date as needed. Wild Alaskan Company's is your perfect source for lean protein that is packed with healthy anti-inflammatory fats! Bonus — their packaging is also recyclable, compostable, or dissolves in water–how cool!

Get $15 off your first order at Wild Alaskan Company  – CLICK HERE!

BBQ Turkey Mushroom Meatloaf on a white plate with green beans and sweet potatoes on a table setting

4. Organic Grass-Fed Meat Delivery + Wild Seafood: Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow sources their meat and seafood from regenerative and ethical partners–ranging from independent family farms to co-ops–who raise their animals in ways that benefit the land and surrounding environment. All meat is free of hormones and raised without any unnecessary antibiotics.

Crowd Cow offers 100% grass-fed beef, wild-caught and sustainable seafood (including lobster, shrimp, arctic char, halibut, salmon, cod, and shrimp and salmon burgers), heritage breed pork, free-range organic chicken and truly pasture-raised chicken, and grass-fed bison.

Crowd Cow also offsets the carbon impact of every shipment, from the field to your door, and every box is shipped in 100% recyclable and compostable materials. Plus, you can either opt for a one-time shipment or save 5% when you set up a subscription.

CLICK HERE to start your Crowd Cow subscription + save 5% on every box!

Pork Bahn Mi in a white bowl made from organic grass fed beef delivery.

5. Pastured Meat Delivery: Porter Road

Porter Road sources its meat from small, sustainable family farms in Kentucky and Tennessee. Everything is 100% pastured-raised (never in concentrated feedlots), and the animals are never fed hormones or antibiotics. They are committed to humane standards and are pursuing an animal welfare certification recognized by the ASPCA® Shop With Your Heart program.

Pick a curated box or make your own with a huge selection of beef (osso bucco, tri-tip, Texas short ribs), pork (shank, butt, brisket, belly), lamb (shank, legs, shoulders), and chicken (whole, bone-in breast, variety packs)–just to name a few!

CLICK HERE to get FREE shipping on orders over $125!

Organic grass fed meat delivery to make Beef Stew with vegetables in white bowls on a table with a spoon and wine glass.

6. Grass-Fed Meat + Wild-Caught Seafood Delivery: U.S. Wellness Meats

U.S. Wellness Meats is an online purveyor selling grass-fed beef (steaks, burgers, brisket, sausage, organs, and more), lamb and bison, free-range poultry, wild-caught seafood, and 300+ specialty items–think broth, gelatins, animal fats, butter, cheese, honey, and organic produce–all from small, humane and sustainable family farms. I shared my favorite items in a recent interview here.

U.S. Wellness has an impressive selection of ‘heat and serve' meals ready for your busy lifestyle, everything from BBQ shredded beef to fully cooked beef short ribs to Adobo beef meatballs. They also offer a huge variety of sugar-free meats like bacon, sausage, jerky, meatballs, and so much more if you're keto or happen to need a sugar-free diet.

CLICK HERE to place an order at U.S. Wellness Meats!

Baja fish tacos with coleslaw on a white place.

7. Organic Grass Fed Meat Delivery + Wild Sustainable Seafood: Thrive Market

Thrive Market –one of our all-time fave places to shop online for mega savings and healthy wholesale groceries–also sells a Build Your Own Meal Prep Box, which has awesome reviews. Choose from organic and humane chicken, wild sea scallops, wild-caught cod, and wild-caught sockeye salmon.

If you don't have a Thrive Market membership (it's totally worth it, IOO!), check out this review of Thrive Market + Shopping List of Our Favorite Buys.

Plus, get 25% off your first order + a free gift when you join Thrive Market! (1 year and 1 month memberships available)

Steamed shrimp in a white bowl on a counter with uncooked pasta, pesto, and a glass of wine.

8. Sustainable Seafood Delivery: Vital Choice Seafood

Do you struggle with finding sustainable seafood at your grocery store? Look no further than Vital Choice, an online retailer selling fresh, wild-caught, sustainably harvested Alaskan salmon and northwest Pacific seafood like halibut, tuna, shrimp, lobster, clams, calamari, and poke, as well as huge selections of canned and pouched seafood.

All of the seafood found here is certified sustainable either by MSC, the State of Alaska or Monterey Bay Aquarium's SeafoodWatch program. Plus, they offer healthy Certified Organic foods, making putting healthy dinner on the table a breeze!

Save up to 15% off site wide with code: VCSAVE

Grilled chicken wings and thighs on a white plate.

9. Organic Grass-Fed Meat Online: White Oak Pastures

White Oak Pastures is a 150-year-old multigenerational family farm in Bluffton, Georgia that works hard to ensure that all production practices are fair, sustainable and humane. Their cattle are Animal Welfare Approved and are actually hand-butchered on their zero-waste processing abattoir.

White Oak Pastures has a wide range of meats including 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pastured pork and poultry (chicken, turkey, guinea, duck and goose), grass-fed lamb and goat, and pastured rabbit. Additionally, they sell artisanal products like sausages, rubs, broths, preserves, leather goods, and more.

White Oak Pastures' products are available for purchase from a variety of retail stores like Publix and select Kroger and Whole Foods stores, as well as in their online store and at the farm directly for anyone local to the area.

A Guide to Our Favorite Healthy Brands + Exclusive Discounts


What does organic grass-fed meat mean?

So, now that we've given you our top sources for organic grass fed products let chat about why you should choose. Grass-fed beef comes from cows that eat an entirely natural diet of pasture grasses. They live in large groups called herds, where they have access to fresh air, sunlight, and water. These cows are treated humanely and raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. This allows them to graze freely as nature intended, eating their natural diet of grasses, herbs, shrubs and insects. They generally live a more natural life than those who spend their days inside in unnatural environments such as feed lots.

Conventional meat is typically produced by feeding grain to cattle. Cattle are then confined indoors and given feed rations made up mostly of corn and soybeans. They are often injected with hormones and antibiotics to promote faster growth rates . Although these methods may produce a tasty product, they do not provide the same nutritional benefits as naturally grown meats.

Is grass-fed ground beef healthier?

Yes! Grass-fed meat has many health benefits over grain-fed meat.

Grass-fed cows are healthier animals. Cows that are not given grain have higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids (healthy fats) in their bodies. Omega 3s are essential fats that help protect against heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, depression and other diseases.These fats help reduce inflammation throughout the body while promoting heart health.

The high amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), another fat found in grass-fed beef, has been shown to fight cancer and diabetes. CLA helps promote weight loss because it increases metabolism and burns calories faster. It may even prevent cancer.

It also has more vitamin E and beta carotene, which gives it its bright red color.

It also tastes great. Grass-fed beef has a richer flavor than grain-fed meat. That means you get more protein per bite. And since grass-fed meat contains less cholesterol, you'll enjoy fewer “bad” foods. Plus, grass-fed beef is leaner, making it easier to control your calorie intake.

 Why is grass-fed meat considered more sustainable for the earth?

Overall, it has a lower environmental impact. Pasture farming uses sustainable practices like crop rotation, composting manure and recycling water. In addition, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves land.

Because grass-fed cows are raised on pastures, they don’t require as much land as conventional cows. Pastureland is a renewable resource, so unlike grain crops, there is no competition between farmers and ranchers for limited resources. The land is used for grazing instead of growing food. Also, when the grass is grazed, it returns to the soil quickly, replenishing itself. In contrast, grain requires chemicals, pesticides, water,  to grow and maintain.

The Big Takeaway

The big takeaway here is that – no matter where you live – quality, grass-fed meats and sustainable seafood aren't always going to be easy to find, but by utilizing these dependable online meat delivery services you can guarantee that you'll always have healthy options on hand!

Do you have any other favorite sources of organic grass fed meat delivery and grass-fed meat online? We'd love to know in the comments below!

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50 thoughts on “Best Organic Grass Fed Meat Delivery Sources”

  1. Another great Pastured Beef and Lamb is BDA Farm in Uniontown, AL!
    BDA Farm is a USDA-certified organic, regenerative farm located on 6,000+ in the beautiful Alabama Black Belt. We were founded with a focus on three principles: responsibility, service, and community. We believe that shared meals have always played a significant role in knitting together families and communities. This is why we hold it as our responsibility to serve our community through producing delicious and authentic food you can trust. We have grass-fed beef, lamb, cage-free eggs, pecans, and honey. We do 2 day drop ship and local home deliveries.

  2. We use Papa Earth, they offer grass fed beef from Harley Farms at a great price.
    Looking at all companies mentioned in article I see it’s all American based and not Canadian. I would say Papa Earth is comparable to Butcherbox in the US and they also offer wild caught seafood (from Canada).

  3. Hello, thanks for sharing this list, it will going help people a lot. Now as we are becoming aware about the benefits of Grass Fed Meats find the best source to get is very beneficial.

  4. Sustainability is a huge factor for picking out subscription services like these! I always do my research on companies before I buy because I want to make sure they are good for the environment.

  5. I want to thank you so very much for this info. I was directed here from Joette Calabrese’s website. I am always looking for humanely raised, organic, pastured meats and products but I have a really hard time finding them. When I do, it’s always boneless. Do you know if any of these companies have bone-in meat cuts and is it the bulk of their offerings or just a limited offering? Thank you, again, for such desperately needed information! I will now be looking over your website and seeing what you’re all about! 🙂

  6. peggy mazzuca

    Wild Pastures looks like a great company to check out, I have purchased meat sticks from their sister company Paleovalley and been very impressed. I would use these guys for a monthly delivery service in a heart beat but they don’t deliver to my area. But thought you and your readers might like to check them out!

  7. Kate, this is a great list! Another sustainable meat delivery company you should consider is the Grass Fed Beef Club by River Watch Beef. They are a family beef producer and you can customize your order each month. You should check them out!

  8. I’ll have to checkout some of these stores and try out their food. I usually get all of my (grass fed) meat from a local shop in town Remington Lott Farms. They also do online ordering which is convenient at times to have it delivered! Btw, Great article and very helpful information.


  9. Thank you for useful information. I think it is important to know where my food comes from. I check how animals are treated at the farm before buying something from it. You may find a free-range / grass fed farm close to you here: You may select a farm, visit it, explore the way the animals are raised and make a decision about buying healthy products for your family from your trusted farmer.

  10. this article was so helpful! As someone who will be practicing the raw meat primal diet in a few months, i need meats that I can eat raw without making me sick, which I would only be able to get through grass fed organic meats like these.

    1. It really depends on what cuts you’re getting, what specials they have going on, etc. I’d try to take advantage of promotions and discount codes as much as possible, which are often changing, but we offer you some options in this post that you can take advantage of today! Hope that helps. 🙂

  11. Butcher Box no longer packs as the video shows. Our most recent order did not come with cold bag, the dry ice was gone, meat was partially thawed and leaked through the box. They have also change to compostible peanuts for insulation. This may be more eco-friendly, but having blood soaked peanuts scattered all over the house is not a good thing. I’m hoping they make another better change to their packaging before my next shipment. I like the quality, convenience and value of their product, so I don’t want to have to cancel my subscription.

    1. Hey Theresa – sorry to hear about that! It sounds like there were clearly some errors with your last shipment, but nothing like that has ever happened to me. Have you reached out to their customer service? They have an amazing team and I have no doubt they’d do whatever they can to make your experience right.

      1. Hi Kate
        We’ve had numerous boxes arrive (or not arrive) in similar shape. In the past, I received amazing customer service, however, that also has suffered greatly. For now, we’re staying with them in hopes of them working through their growing pains but are actively seeking an alternative source.

        1. Hmm, sorry to hear about that! It’s nice you’re giving them a chance to work through the growing pains. Personally, I haven’t had anything but great experiences, and I get a ButcherBox every month and totally look forward to it.

          If you’re looking for an alternative, US Wellness Meats is also a great source of healthy meats!

    2. Hi ladies–I just talked to my contacts at ButcherBox and here’s what they said regarding your issues. They definitely are doing their best to optimize their methods, so I hope that you’ll have an improved experience with your upcoming boxes and that you’ll continue to share your feedback with them so they can create the best service! “We’re constantly working to improve the delivery process and member experience and one way we do this is by testing different shipping processes. We’ve utilized the totes as an insulator, biodegradable cotton liners, and dissolvable packing peanuts. Since we first launched the biodegradable peanuts we’ve seen a dramatic decrease thats due to adjustments to the box size and amount of dry ice. In regards to totes, we have members who have come to love and expect them each month and others who are overwhelmed having received so many, we’re keeping everyone in mind as we test new ways to ship and best serve our members. We haven’t ruled out using the totes or made a permanent change and we’re looking into ways to incorporate these as an addon item for those who have come to love them. Just to reiterate, we are constantly working to optimize the shipment and delivery process to make customers as happy.”

  12. Hello! My husband and I own the Larder Meat Co., we deliver pasture raised, all natural meat to California, Arizona & Nevada. We work with small family farms (all located on the Central Coast of California) who raise their animals on open pasture and do not use hormones, antibiotics, or gmo feed. We label each product with the farm it came from. This is a great list, but I thought I would throw our name in the hat too, we are huge supporters of sustainable farms. Thank you!

    1. Yes. I have found a very reliable source for ethical meats called Moink. thank you for the inquiry and opportunity to share these folks.

  13. Confused Seeker of "Sustainable" Beef

    The problem with just about all of these sites is that marketing claims of “Sustainable” are unverified greenwash. What does “sustainable” mean??? Seems like some say rotated pastures, others say feedlot-free, but for people who want beef that comes from well-managed ranches (e.g., grazing is well-managed in a way that supports soil health and drought resilience, protects riparian habitats and water quality, the rancher uses predator and wildlife-friendly practices and only lethally manages predators when absolutely necessary), none of the information here is helpful.

    As far as I can tell, the only programs that independently verify/certify all of the above are Food Alliance’s cattle standard and the Grasslands Alliance’s standard. The single issue labels like organic, humane, wholefoods GAP, animal welfare approved, grassfed are important, but just address a small subset of the issues that I’m trying to avoid. So confusing!

    1. Hi – Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We appreciate how you want to be informed!

      We know it can be confusing, but we do believe that some of these labels like certified organic, certified grass-fed and certified humane are really important, though the best way to know for sure is to visit the farm yourself and to ask these companies questions. Perhaps they know the answers and are up to your standards but they just haven’t advertised it in such a way.

      1. Yes I was getting mine from Grassroots in Arkansas but I asked them what did the animals eat in the winter months and they told me non gmo corn and soy! We don’t eat corn or soy so is this normal for the animals to be eating this?

        1. In my opinion, no – I believe that cows should eat grass. The difference in the diets of the cattle changes the nutrients and fats you get from eating the different types of beef. Studies show that grass-fed beef has less fat and may have some heart-health benefits that other types of beef don’t have.

          1. Caroline Perry

            Actually this is not correct – Grass Roots raise cattle on 100% fresh pasture all year round. Chickens are only raised in the warmer months and are on fresh pasture every day as well as a supplemental feed – which does include non GMO corn and soy, pigs live on pasture all year round, foraging for grubs, nuts and seeds but are also supplemented with non GMO feed including vitamins, minerals and probiotics. All our products are 100% traceable using consumer facing block chain technology and we are totally transparent – all our practices are available to read on our website. Hope this clears this mis-communication up Kate.

  14. This is helpful, I’m not familiar with any of these sites! I love getting food delivered to my door – so convenient with my busy schedule!

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