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New Mom Gift Basket: Healthy + Practical Ideas to Pamper Natural Mamas

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Need a gift idea for the new mama in your life? In this DIY new mom gift basket, we’ve put together a creative care package of natural, healthy items to perfectly support any woman, from at-home pampering products to herbal remedies for breastfeeding to natural baby treatments. This is the best new mom survival kit!

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It’s the holidays, and as cliché as it sounds, I truly love giving this time of year.

Not only do I enjoy planning the perfect gifts for my loved ones, but it feels so good to give back to bigger causes that provide families and people in need with food, clothes, toys and personal items.

As a new mom (my sweet baby Jackson was born September this year), my heart is so full with love for my son, and I can’t help but think about all the other new moms out there who are learning day-by-day, just like me, what this whole motherhood thing is about.

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Since I now know first hand what a new mother needs–for both herself and for baby–I thought it would be fun to put together a “New Mama” themed gift basket this year to gift to a girlfriend of mine who just found out she’s pregnant (!!!).

Everything from this basket is from Sprouts Farmer’s Market, my favorite local place to shop for both healthy yet affordable groceries and household items.

One of the things I love most about Sprouts (besides their awesome prices!) is their focus on giving back. Now through the end of the year, you can purchase pre-packed “Grab ‘N Give” bags filled with pantry staples at a 10% discount that Sprouts will donate on your behalf to a local food bank. Donation bags are approximately $10 and include canned food and nonperishable groceries.

Last year, Sprouts shoppers donated more than 370,000 bags, providing more than 2.3 million meals to those in need! It’s such an easy way to make a contribution this holiday season–simply pick up a Grab ‘N Give bag next time you’re at Sprouts, easy as that!

Be sure to check out other holiday specials happening at Sprouts here.

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New Mom Gift Basket Ideas

This new mom gift basket strikes the perfect balance between practical and pampering. There are so many things you need to think about with a newborn around (stinky diapers, stuffy noses and endless crying, to name a few) that it can be hard for any new mama to even think about her own needs.

Yet, it’s such a critical time to really focus on self-care and balanced health. That’s why this basket includes things like teas, face masks and bath salts that not only give a feeling of relaxation and luxury, but also provide a purpose for taking care of mama’s changing body.

Here’s the full list of the items I picked out:

Traditional Medicinals Mother's Milk: New mom, newborn, care package, gift basket, ideas, DIY, natural, healthy, for her, baby, creative, breastfeeding, survival kits

  • Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move Tea: Real talk: postpartum constipation is real and that first poop is scary! This tea is a great alternative to traditional laxatives, supports relief from occasional constipation and generally produces a bowel movement within 6-12 hours. It’s made from fennel, coriander and ginger to reduce the potential for unpleasant feelings like cramping.
  • Traditional Medicinals Sunshine TeaThis slightly sweet tea with notes of honey is true to its name–with kanna (a succulent) as its main ingredient, this tea will simultaneously make you feel relaxed yet optimistic and upbeat like it’s a sunshiny day everyday, which can be a lifesaver for new mamas (and all without any caffeine!).
  • Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk tea, bars and chews: I can’t get enough of these Mother’s Milk products, which supports breast milk production and promotes healthy lactation. I’ve also been loving the chews (such a great way to get in much-needed nutrition when you don’t feel like drinking a cup of hot tea) and their lactation bars, which are super delicious. I’ll be honest, with all these natural remedies, my breast milk is pumping and flowing and nourishing my guy like nobody’s business!
  • Pact Organic Holiday Socks: I love Pact’s super soft, organic cotton socks. I mean, just look how cute these holiday-themed cozy socks are!
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  • Vineyard Hill Naturals Evergreen + Pomegranate Soy CandleI found these candles in the holiday promo section at the front of my Sprouts store, and they smell so good! I couldn’t decide on the scent, so naturally I got two. 😉
  • Vineyard Hill Naturals Balsam & Pine Soy Candle: There’s nothing like the smell of balsam and pine wafting through the house to make any mama and family feel at home during the holidays.
  • SOL Organic Headache Pillow: The sound of babies crying definitely makes this pillow a necessity! It’s 100% organic cotton and can be used for either hot or cold therapy depending on your preference.
  • Dark Horse Rosé in a can: For those new mamas who drink an occasional glass of wine, this refreshing rosé will really hit the spot at the end of a long day.
  • Lively Up Your Breath! MintsHonestly, there are mornings I’m so busy that I forget to brush my teeth (I know I’m not alone here!). For busy moms, these 100% natural breath mints (made from over 95% organic ingredients) will come in handy, plus there’s no refined sugar, honey, artificial ingredients, binders or preservatives.
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mineral fusion makeup: New mom, newborn, care package, gift basket, ideas, DIY, natural, healthy, for her, baby, creative, breastfeeding, survival kits

  • Mineral Fusion MakeupMineral Fusion is a super clean, cruelty-free cosmetic and beauty line free of parabens, gluten, artificial colors, phthalates and other harsh ingredients–important considerations for any natural mama. For makeup, I love their lipsticksBB Cream and eye shadows.
  • Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Towelettes: Because seriously, ain’t nobody got time to wash their face when caring for a newborn! These handy wipes absorb makeup while detoxing and balancing skin.
  • Pacifica Kale Water Cleansing Tonic: Speaking of no time, this secret weapon will give any mommy a natural glow, no rinsing required! It especially helps with breakouts while being gentle on the skin.
  • Pacifica Pollution Fight Sheet Face Masks: Perfect for mama’s self-care routine, this easy pre-cut sheet mask gives her permission to relax for 15 minutes while this 100% cotton mask fights toxins on her behalf.
  • Andalou Naturals Sheet MasksDoes mom want to hydrate? Brighten and tighten? Firm and lift? There’s an Andalou Naturals mask for any of her facial needs!
  • Hugo Naturals Bath BombsThere’s nothing like a soothing bath once baby has fallen asleep. These effervescent balls are filled with minerals and essential oils to moisturize and condition your skin.
  • Everyone Geranium + Sweet Orange Bubble BathMama will enjoy her precious, serene moments alone with this bubble bath made from organic botanicals extracts.
  • Sprouts Brand Sleep Epsom Salt: Need to soothe achy, tired muscles? How about get a better night’s sleep? Epsom salts are here to help! Sprouts has a great in-house brand of many personal care and beauty products that work just as well as name brand for a better price.
  • Motherlove: This line of natural, organic, herbal breastfeeding supplements increase breast milk production, and their organic herbal body care is perfect for pregnancy, childbirth and babies. Their award-winning nipple cream is a life saver for breastfeeding mamas!
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Boiron teething and colic relief: New mom, newborn, care package, gift basket, ideas, DIY, natural, healthy, for her, baby, creative, remedy, survival kits

  • The Honest Company All Purpose Balm: With a ‘No List’–a list of over 3,000 chemicals/materials that they’ll never use in their products–The Honest Company is a truly transparent and reliable brand. Moms will love their organic, hypoallergenic All Purpose Balm that they can use to hydrate skin, hair and cuticles, and is even safe enough for baby. Great for cuts and scrapes, too!
  • Xlear Kid’s Nasal Spray: This chemical-free, non-GMO saline plus xylitol spray helps clear out your baby’s stuffy nose so well! The addition of xylitol helps draw moisture in and keep the nasal passages and sinuses more moist and clean than saline alone.
  • Boiron Camilia Teething ReliefPreservative-free relief for teething, including painful gums and irritability. Also helps in relieving minor digestive disorders sometimes associated with teething. Free from benzocaine, alcohol, flavors, dyes, lactose, sugar and artificial sweeteners, recommended for babies one month and up.
  • Boiron Cocyntal Colic ReliefDesigned to help your baby feel better from colic-related symptoms like gas pain, cramping and irritability. How? With wood charcoal (helps with abdominal bloating with gas), bitter cucumber (for constipation, liver, and gallbladder ailments) and copper (for leg and muscle cramps).
  • WishGarden Herbs: WishGarden Herbs handcrafts their organic and sustainably wild-harvested herbs into a number of oils that address everything from immune system health to sleep, allergies, pregnancy and more. For new mamas, try Milk Rich which supports healthy breast milk and volume, AfterEase to soothe afterbirth contractions, and Happy Ducts for herbal lactation support that keeps the lymph system moving for nursing mothers.
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Remember: all of these items are available at Sprouts Farmers Market! While you’re shopping, don’t forget to participate in their “Grab ‘N Give” program where you can donate to a local food bank for just about $10.

Happy Holidays!!

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Photo Credit: Heidi Geldhauser

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