True Botanicals Review: Is This Skincare Line Worth It?

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Heard of True Botanicals and wondering if this natural skincare line is worth it? In this True Botanicals review, we reveal what makes True Botanicals one of the best brands in clean beauty, which of their products cleared up my chronic acne and scarring (we're talking oils, toners, serums, masks, and more), plus share a few other of their must-try products (along with how to save money)!

True Botanicals Review: Is this natural skincare line worth it?

As someone who has struggled with acne (and scarring!) most of my life, including in my 30s, I have tried it all: prescription meds, including Accutane, Retin-A, ProActiv, nearly every single product at Sephora… you name it, I've tried it.

But after I got diagnosed with PCOS, hypothyroid, and Leaky Gut/IBS, I started realizing the importance of what I put ON my body–not just IN my body. Turns out, most conventional beauty and personal care products are filled with hormone disruptors, which can play a huge role in impeding your progress to heal from things like PCOS. 

According to the Environmental Working Group, the average woman uses 12 products containing 168 different ingredients daily, many of which are known to cause cancer, make us infertile, mess with our hormones and/or irritate our skin and our lungs. (source)

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How is this possible? Because the world of cosmetics is highly unregulated in America–companies can put almost anything they want into makeup, skincare, and toiletries–it's quite sickening.

So what are we supposed to do? 

Fortunately, there are some amazing brands out there that make it easy to get super clean and reliably safe products. One of my favorites is True Botanicals, so today I'm sharing a True Botanicals review about the quality of their ingredients, why we can trust their products, and which are my absolute favorites (spoiler alert: get 15% off  with the code Root15!).

True Botanicals' Clear Line

True Botanicals Review: Proven Results for Acne + Anti-Aging

True Botanicals is the only line I’ve tried where my skin FINALLY stopped breaking out–I’m talking not a single breakout, the discoloration and acne scars faded, my skin is silky smooth and, dare I say, glowing. It’s a freaking miracle!

In fact, True Botanicals has been clinically proven to outperform conventional products in randomized, double-blind, comparative studies from independently verified, third-party labs.

Working with researchers at leading universities, including Carnegie Mellon and Cornell, True Botanicals identified nourishing botanical extracts that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Then they developed potent formulas by combining ingredients known to address concerns such as breakouts, redness, and wrinkles.

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Here’s an example:

In an Independent Scientific Clinical Study (a randomized, comparative, double blind trial conducted October 20 – December 10, 2013), the Renew Pure Radiance Oil + Renew Repair Serum not only delivered amazing results, it also outperformed the iconic Crème de La Mer across every test measurement—from increased hydration to reduction in visible fine lines and wrinkles.

Summary of Results:

After 45 days: Renew Duo La Mer
Increase of hydration 48.8% 36.4%
Reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 27.2% 17.6%
Increase in appearance of smoothness 20.5% 18.0%
Increase in appearance of firmness 16.4% 12.6%
Reduction in appearance of pores 14.4% 6.2%

These results speak for themselves, no?!

For me personally, True Botanicals‘ Clear Line has proven that clear, radiant skin is possible, even if you have PCOS, hormonal disorders or digestion issues.

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Kate Kordsmeier with clear skin after PCOS.

True Botanicals: Clean Ingredients + MADE SAFE

The majority of True Botanicals' ingredients are certified organic and wild-harvested, meaning they’re grown in their natural environment. They take sourcing seriously–going to lengths to trace ingredients to their origins and ensuring that their cultivation and production are sustainable for the local community as well as the environment.

True Botanicals' uses only the highest quality ingredients, free of the fillers and harsh chemicals that have become common in the beauty world. They use plant-derived peptides, antioxidant-rich oils, soothing ceramides, and a myriad of other natural extracts.

True Botanicals is also a cruelty-free company that's Leaping Bunny certified, and all products are free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Plus, the brand is certified MADE SAFE®. MADE SAFE is a nonprofit organization and independent third-party verification process that created the USA’s first non-toxic seal for everyday products, including categories like personal care, household, baby and beyond.

Shopping for products that are MADE SAFE® certified takes the guesswork out of if what you’re buying is safe for you and your family, and it’s become a label that I’m personally looking for more and more when I’m discovering new companies and products.

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True Botanicals Moisture Lock Overnight Mask

My Favorite True Botanicals Products 

Convinced yet?

If this True Botanicals review has made you ready to give them a try, here’s what I use (and LOVE!):

  • True Botanicals Moisture Lock Overnight Mask: I'm obsessed with this! Nothing leaves my skin more silky smooth. Seriously, I cannot get over how much I adore this stuff! I’ve been using it almost every night for weeks and my skin has drastically improved both in hydration, softness and virtually no acne. It's really more like a moisturizer (it’s really not a mask!) that you leave on overnight.
  • True Botanicals Clear Pure Radiance Oil: A moisturizer that's hydrating, smoothing and acne-fighting!
  • True Botanicals Clear Nutrient Toner: a super gentle and yet very effective antibacterial toner that clears acne and congestion, balancing out the oil in your skin (unlike traditional acne astringent which actually strips your skin on oils and causes it to produce more sebum leading to more breakouts!). No matter what else I use on my skin, I always use this, AM and PM, to keep acne at bay!
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True Botanicals Clear Cellular Repair Serum

  • True Botanicals Clear Cellular Repair Serum: plus I mix in the Vitamin C Booster at night to help fade discoloration and brighten skin tone. Nothing got rid of my acne and scarring like this combo! It fights infection and clears congestion thanks to black willow bark extract, while strengthening and hydrating your skin with hyaluronic acid. And Vitamin C is the #1 way to brighten and lighten skin–this powder is the most potent form, as in liquid form vitamin C loses its potency. It’s mixed with ferulic acid, which also stimulates collagen (read: fewer wrinkles!)! Seriously one of my very favorite beauty products of all time.
  • True Botanicals Pacific Glacial Clay Detoxifying Mask: this is the most hydrating clay mask I've ever used! It purifies your pores of dirt, pollutants, and other impurities without stripping skin, meaning it restores (not removes) essential moisture. The result? Skin that's instantly clearer, softer, and glowier!


  • True Botanicals Stress Relief Aromatherapy: whenever my anxiety is running high, I rub this on my wrists and palms, take some deep breaths and VOILA! Stress be gone! I also love their Muscle Release and Immune Boost roll-ons.
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True Botanicals Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner

  • True Botanicals Nourishing Shampoo: Great for dry scalps and filled with antioxidants, this synthetic-, sulfate- and surfactant-free shampoo works equally well whether your hair is normal or dry, straight or curly, color-treated or all natural! When I need a gentle cleanse (if I’ve washed my hair in the last 2 days, for example) I reach for TB! It's one of the only natural shampoos I've tried that actually works to leave my thick hair feeling clean, without stripping. And it actually lathers!
  • True Botanicals Nourishing Conditioner: This conditioner really delivers both moisture and nourishment, packed with antioxidants to fend off environmental damage, plus emollients and humectants to fortify, eliminate frizz, and ease detangling. This lightweight formula will leave your hair luxuriously soft, silky, and swingy!
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I’ll admit, the line is a bit pricey, but it is SO worth it! If you’re ready to have the best skin of your life, get 15% off  with the code Root15.

To ease your mind, True Botanicals has a 30-day guarantee on all products–so if you don't like something and want to return it, you can get a full refund (minus shipping charges).

Plus–for a limited time, every qualifying order will receive a free bottle of their Purifying Gand Sanitizer, AND an additional bottle will be donated to Baby2Baby, an organization committed to helping families in need.

Have you tried True Botanicals yet? If yes, what are your favorite products? Let us know in the comments below! 

7 thoughts on “True Botanicals Review: Is This Skincare Line Worth It?”

  1. Hi! I am looking into purchasing True Botanicals and found your review very helpful. Our skin issues sound very similar and I am hoping to get some good results 🙂 I was wondering if you could share your typical AM and PM routines using these products (specifically what order your use them in).
    I was also wondering if you have any suggestions on clean makeup brands?
    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Sara! Thanks for your message. AM & PM routine are pretty similar…start with the nourishing cleaner, next the Clear Cellular Repair Serum, followed by Clear Pure Radiance Oil and then for an added moisture lock at night finish with Moisture Lock Overnight Mask! Your skin will be clear and glowy! As for clean make-up, we are still pretty partial to Beautycounter. We are in the process of reviewing Haus Labs too so follow up for updates there! Hope you love the True Botanicals line as much as we do!

  2. Hi Kate! 

    Thanks so much for your in depth review! 

    I’ve just started using this amazing clean brand this year, and so far I’m over the moon with the results! Has totally tamed my breakouts and reactivity, and calms and elevates my spirit, too. Doing my rituals each morning and night always relaxes me and improves my mood! 

    My health has been up and down in the last 10 years, and my skin has been around the block more than once(!) contending with acne, eczema, psoriasis, and, most recently, rosacea. (I’m almost 50.)

    Was very keen to check out other people’s experiences of this brand, so was thrilled to find your review online!

    Although the line is an investment, clearly it’s well worth it! Not only do these products work for all skin types, ages, and concerns, they skip all the chemical nasties, they’re safely and ethically sourced, cruelty free, and a little really does go a long way! So… A win in every way! 

    Thank you for confirming my own experience with your thoughtful and comprehensive write up, and also for providing new insights into True products I haven’t tried yet! And, as a former La Mer user for over a decade, I confirm my experience hands down accords with the study results you shared.

    On a different note, I just recently purchased the newly formulated Calm Pure Radiance Oil… I absolutely loved the original and was both excited and nervous about the change, BUT, oh my goodness, I LOVE the new formula even more!!! My problem skin has never looked better! I wouldn’t dream of using anything other than True products now! 

    And, on the same page as you re the Moisture Lock Overnight Mask and Repair Serum… Two of my all time favourites!

    Excited to try the Chebula Active Immunity Serum soon. 

    Finally, thanks also for your generosity and grace in sharing your personal story, reminding us of the important role choosing clean brands plays in overall health! 

  3. Thank you so much Kate for this comprehensive review! I’ve never used True Botanicals products before, but I am so excited to pick up a few new things to add to my beauty routine!

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