The Best Natural Curly Hair Products + My Routine

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Fed up with your frizzy, dry curly hair? Here are the best natural curly hair products plus a step-by-step routine to turn your tangles into soft, luscious locks! These amazing before and after photos prove that gorgeous curly hair IS possible with the right non-toxic products and tips! 

The Best Natural Curly Hair Products and Before and After Photos!

This guest post is by Delilah Orpi, the founder of The Holistic Enchilada, a blog about curly hair and clean beauty. She has been following the Curly Girl Method and living a clean lifestyle for many years. Delilah has been featured in Curl magazine and GLAMOUR and writes to create awareness about the clean beauty movement and the Curly Girl Method. Over to you, Delilah!

If you have wavy or curly hair and you prefer to use natural products, it can be a little tricky finding the right natural curly hair products that work for you. 

Having curly hair on its own makes things difficult, as so many products can weigh down, damage, or dry out curls and waves. Add to that finding non-toxic products that actually enhance your curls and waves, and you’ll be searching for some time.

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Curly haired woman holding shampoo and conditioner bottles from EVOLVh.

The Best Natural Curly Hair Products

In the last 10 years that I have been wearing my hair curly, so many new clean brands and products have popped up, and many of them work really well. 

Here is what I look for in natural curly hair products:

  • Sulfate free
  • Silicone free
  • Not a strong scent
  • Mineral oil free
  • Paraben free

I also follow the curly girl method so all the products I use and recommend are curly girl approved.

Below I’ll share a few great options depending on your hair:

  • EVOLVh SmartCurl: This is by far my favorite line, but it’s not great for all curly and wavy hair types. EVOLVh’s products are organic, vegan, and perform most like the conventional stuff. Their shampoos are the most cleansing of any brand I have tried making it a great option for thin and low density hair, or any hair type that doesn’t require a lot of moisture. (Get 15% off at EVOLVh with code ROOT!)
  • Innersense: This is one of the cleanest hair care brands out there and their products work really well for wavy and curly hair too. I really like the Pure Harmony line for my hair but if you have dry, thick curls the Hydration line might be a better fit.
  • Giovanni Eco Chic: If you need a more affordable option, Giovanni is my top pick. Their 50:50 line is great for most hair types and their LA Hold gel is one of the best gels for curly hair on the market. Finding a gel that works well in humidity is hard but this one checks that box too.

Curly haired brunette woman holding a Mop Top jar.

  • MopTop: Their Curly Hair Custard is a cult favorite in the curly world because it’s an amazing curl enhancer and provides great hold. Their shampoos and conditioners are also among my favorites and I love that they’re available on Amazon.

My Natural Curly Hair Routine

Finding the right natural curly hair products is only half the battle. I believe using the products correctly is more important than what products you use. Having the right routine is key to having defined and bouncy curls.

My curly hair routine is very different from what’s considered normal and what we are taught to do all our lives. I had to deprogram myself after over 10 years of daily straightening and wanting smooth and sleek hair. Curly hair isn’t supposed to be smooth or sleek and it IS beautiful in its natural state if treated correctly.

So here is my routine for defined, bouncy curls using natural curly hair products:

Step 1 – Cleanse

Cleanse your hair with a shampoo making sure to rinse well. Focus on the scalp and don’t get much shampoo on the length of your hair.

Step 2 – Condition

I apply conditioner to the length of my hair and add water, scrunching up to ensure maximum hydration. This is when you start to work on preventing frizz. Hydration is key, and that involves lots of water. I detangle with my fingers as a brush should be avoided.

I rinse out my conditioner and apply my leave in conditioner to the length of my hair, once again adding water and scrunching. I flip my head over and finger comb my hair, creating frizz free curl clumps.

Before and after photos of how to style curly hair.

Step 3 – Style

Here is where you’ll notice the biggest difference to conventional styling. I apply all my styling products to soaking wet hair before I towel dry. I do this by emulsifying a good amount of styling product in my hands, then scrunching it in my hair.

I take care to spend a lot of time in this step ensuring the product gets distributed all the way up towards the roots and that I maintain frizz-free curl clumps. I add water if I see frizz or stringy hair.

Step 4 – Dry

I “dry” my hair by using a t-shirt to scrunch up and remove the excess water. I do this all over until my hair isn’t dripping. Then I use the diffuser attachment on my hairdryer to dry my hair.

And that’s it!

Before I started doing this routine, my hair was always a frizzy, puffy mess and it was more wavy than curly. But with time doing things the right way, my hair has gotten curlier and the frizz has been significantly reduced. Regardless of the product, styling correctly has made the biggest difference.

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Before and after photos after using natural curly hair products.

Embracing Your Natural Curls + Waves

If you want to learn more about how to properly care for your wavy or curly hair, check out my FREE Quick Start Guide To Mastering Your Curls or my Curly Hair Vault on my blog full of free resources to help you on your curly hair journey.

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XOXO – Delilah

Thanks again to Delilah for sharing her wisdom with us!

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  1. I happen to have just adopted my niece since her parents unfortunately broke-up and have separated with her left all alone. She happens to have naturally curly hair just like her mother and I think that’s whom she inherited it from. Thank you for sharing these very valuable pieces of information and tips regarding how to take good care and maintain a best-conditioned naturally curly hair! I could definitely take good care of her on my own with the help of this very complete information.

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