Eco-Friendly Living

Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle can help the environment and your health. There are plenty of ways to incorporate eco-friendly living into your daily routine, such as recycling, using less energy in your home, and buying organic products. By following some of the recommendations we make, you can help reduce the impact on the earth while also lowering your carbon footprint. Here are a few of the basics that you should be practicing to live an eco-friendly life.

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Homemade Bathroom Cleaner

This homemade bathroom cleaner with vinegar, baking soda, castile soap and essential oils is the best DIY all natural bathroom cleaner! It’s made without bleach, perfect for cleaning showers, toilets, bathroom counters and soap scum safely and effectively! We’re back with another DIY natural cleaning recipe: homemade bathroom cleaner! Why Make Your Own Bathroom …

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DIY Natural Glass and Window Cleaner

This homemade DIY natural glass and window cleaner with vinegar, alcohol, cornstarch and essential oils is ammonia-free, perfect for cleaning and washing windows and mirrors safely and effectively! We’re back with another DIY homemade cleaning recipe! If you like saving money, ridding your home of toxic chemicals, and treating your body and the …

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A bottle of lavender essential oil with wool dryer balls and towels on a marble countertop.

DIY Homemade Wool Dryer Balls

Say goodbye to toxic dryer sheets and use homemade wool dryer balls instead! This natural alternative is inexpensive, non-toxic and will keep your laundry smelling amazing thanks to the addition of essential oils. Once you try these dryer balls, you’ll never go back to dryer sheets again! We’re back with …

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Savvy Swaps: Toss toxic store-bought products for safe, natural alternatives without the negative additives and harmful chemicals. |

Savvy Swaps: Toxic Cleaning Products

Welcome back to our series, Savvy Swaps, where we analyze popular store-bought products and offer up healthier alternatives, without any of the negative additives. Last time, we looked at healthier packaged food. Today, it’s all about tossing toxic cleaning products for safer cleaners for your home: all-purpose cleaning spray, bathroom cleaner, …

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