Reduce Allergies and Asthma with Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Frequent vacuuming has been proven to reduce allergies and asthma–we recommend the Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which captures dust, allergens and pet hair, and you don't even have to lift a finger!

Frequent vacuuming has been proven to reduce allergies and asthma--we recommend the Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which captures dust, allergens and pet hair, and you don't even have to lift a finger!

We've talked before about how to clean and purify the air in your home naturally, but another effective, safe and EASY way to keep your home clean is by vacuuming regularly. [insert large sigh here].

Real talk: I hate vacuuming. I may be the laziest person in the world when it comes to vacuuming actually. Which is a HUGE problem since we have two cats and their hair is EVERYWHERE.

Likewise, the dust in our home is a bit out of control. Do you ever look around on your carpets or floors and realize that there are dust bunnies in the corners, clumps of hair hiding by the baseboards, food scraps and crumbs under the table or by the stove, kitty litter around the box, pet hair just floating in the air?

This was once a regular occurrence for me as I was only dusting and vacuuming my house every other week–ain't nobody got time for daily vacuuming, amiright?

Not only was this cleaning tactic pretty unsightly, but I started noticing that my health, particularly my allergies, were getting worse.

It's no secret that pets, despite their adorableness (that's a word, right?…I mean, one look at my sweet kitty Scout and I think you'll agree, it should definitely be added to the dictionary!), are a leading cause of allergies.

Frequent vacuuming has been proven to reduce allergies and asthma--we recommend the Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which captures dust, allergens and pet hair, and you don't even have to lift a finger!

Couple pet dander and fur with dust mites and we've got a recipe for allergies and asthma.

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In fact, one in five Americans now have allergies, which now account for more than 17 million visits to the doctor per year (source).

And did you know that if you suffer from allergies or asthma, dust mites might be the cause? (source; read more here).

Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to reduce these allergens and prevent allergy outbreaks, including frequent vacuuming, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Ah, okay, so we're back to vacuuming. Buuuuuut, I don't wanna!

Frequent vacuuming has been proven to reduce allergies and asthma--we recommend the Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which captures dust, allergens and pet hair, and you don't even have to lift a finger!

Enter the Neato Botvac Connected, a robot vacuum cleaner (it's a real vacuum, not a sweeper!) that uses laser technology (their laser SLAM tech is the same one used in Google's self-driving cars) and super suction to vacuum your home, no work from you involved.

I'll say that again–NO WORK!!

Seriously, this thing is amazing. I've been using the Neato Botvac Connected for a couple months now, and I can't describe how much joy it brings me to watch the little robot clean my house while I lounge on the sofa with a cocktail (okay, I'm usually working at my desk while it's running, BUT the point is, I'm not vacuuming and that is something to celebrate!!!).

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Why I love Neato's Robot Vacuums

You can watch this quick video to learn more about the Neato Botvac Connected, but a few of my favorite features include:

  • The versatile brush system uniquely designed to pick up more pet hair and get closer to the wall where pet hair clings
  • The high-performance, extra-large filter that captures dust and allergens down to .3 microns. (Dust mites are 200-300 microns, while pet dander is .5-100 microns, meaning Neato can collect them all!)
  • The Neato app, which works with iOS and Android devices, makes everything easier, as you can set a cleaning schedule, stop or pause the robot from wherever you are, and get instant notification about the status of your vacuuming run.
  • The fact that you don't even have to be home while the Neato is running. It's even better for you health to not be in the room while allergens, dirt and debris are being removed.
  • Daily Cleaning. Going from bi-weekly cleanings to daily has made a huge difference in our allergies. The more the Neato runs, the safer your home becomes. And all without any work on your part. I know I already said that, but obviously, this is my very favorite feature!
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Frequent vacuuming has been proven to reduce allergies and asthma--we recommend the Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which captures dust, allergens and pet hair, and you don't even have to lift a finger!

Tips for Reducing Allergies and Asthma by Vacuuming

Although you can simply run your Neato regularly to reduce allergies and asthma, there are a few hacks that will boost the effects:

  1. Dust before you vacuum so any loose dust will be captured by your vacuum’s filter. I recommend using a microfiber cloth with our DIY Homemade Dust, Wood and Furniture Polish Spray.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda over your carpet before vacuuming, as it can help loosen hair from the fiber AND it gets rid of odors.
  3. Replace carpeted areas with hard surfaced flooring, as carpet attracts and keeps dust and pollen that is extremely difficult to remove.
  4. Supplement your vacuuming with other cleaning techniques–unfortunately, vacuuming alone is not enough to remove all dust mites and their waste as they live deep inside the stuffing of sofas, chairs, mattresses, pillows and carpeting. This article provides some great tips on getting rid of dust mites.
  5. Add an HEPA Air Filter/Purifier to your bedroom. We splurged for the GermGuardian 3-in-1 Pet Pure Tower, and it was worth every penny. You can read more about that here.

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Thanks to our friends at Neato for sponsoring this post! 

You can buy your Neato here:

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Spring Cleaning Hack Alert! Frequent vacuuming has been proven to reduce allergies and asthma--we recommend the Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which captures dust, allergens and pet hair, and you don't even have to lift a finger!

2 thoughts on “Reduce Allergies and Asthma with Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner”

  1. pet dander can cause lots of allergies. I suffered from itchy eyes and nose because of the cat hair in my apartment. I was thinking about getting a robotic vacuum to get rid of this hair dilemma. So I am thinking about getting the rollibot because it says it picks up the hair.

    1. Hey Kristen–yep, I have 2 cats and suffer from the same problem. I’m amazed at how much the Neato Robot picks up cat hair, even though I run it every other day. I highly recommend it!

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Tips for a healthier home

Here are some eco-friendly home care tips for a healthy and green living:
  • Switch your cleaning products to eco-friendly options. You can find many of these in the grocery store and online.
  • Use sustainable materials for furniture, such as wood instead of plastic or metal. This will help create less waste and reduce the amount of natural resources that are used to produce them.
  • Choose lightbulbs with little or no mercury. These not only create less waste but also have an impact on climate change by using less electricity.
  • Plant trees around your property. Trees benefit the environment by providing shade, absorbing carbon dioxide, and purifying the air with their leaves. They also provide fuel for firewood during colder months and a habitat for wildlife. The benefits of planting trees go far beyond what you see right in front of you!

Green cleaning products

One way to make your home more eco-friendly is by switching over to green cleaning products. These products aren’t as harsh on the environment as traditional household cleaners and are less likely to cause allergies or other health issues. Plus, you can find a variety of green cleaning products that work for every type of surface in your home.

Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products

There are many cleaning products that you can use in your home that are environmentally friendly. One of the best ways to start is by switching to eco-friendly cleaning products. Many people don’t know that there are many types of eco-friendly cleaning products on the market today, including laundry detergent and dishwasher soap. A switch to green cleaners can be a simple way to create an environmentally friendly living environment.

Safer and more environmentally friendly ways to clean your home

If you want to make your home safer and more environmentally friendly, then you can switch from using toxic cleaning products to using eco-friendly alternatives. For example, if you want to clean your toilet, then you could use vinegar instead of bleach or other harsh chemicals. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and deodorizer, so it will do the job without harming the environment. You can also use baking soda as a healthy alternative to many household cleaners. Baking soda is an abrasive cleaner that breaks down dirt and grime; it’s also non-toxic, so it won’t harm people or the environment. It’s also inexpensive, so you can use it liberally without worrying about running out of supply too quickly.

Sustainable living

Most people are more aware of the environment these days and want to do their part to make it a better place. Homeowners and renters alike are doing everything from switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products, to using sustainable materials for furniture. Here are some tips for living an eco-friendly lifestyle in your home:
    • Clean with white vinegar – You can use this as a natural disinfectant that is also eco-friendly. It is also inexpensive and easy on your pipes because you won’t be putting harsh chemicals down the drain.
    • Avoid aerosol cans – Aerosol cans contain harmful chemicals that will release into the air when sprayed. Try switching to an eco-friendly product or find another way to clean.
    • Use reusable napkins – Napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, even facial tissue all come wrapped in paper (or other packaging). Reusable napkins or dish towels will give you one less thing you need to throw away every day!
    • Put up a clothesline – Even if you live in an apartment or condo where putting up a clothesline isn’t possible, there are many ways you can still dry your clothes without using electricity or gas. For example, hang them outside on a sunny day or turn your oven on low heat and hang them from the top rack.

Living with less waste in your home

One of the best ways to reduce your ecological footprint is by reducing the amount of waste that your household produces. Take a look at what you’re throwing away and try to find alternatives.
For example, instead of buying disposable napkins, use cloth napkins that you can throw into the wash. If you need face wipes for removing makeup, consider making them yourself from reusable materials like cotton rounds. And if you want to stop using plastic bags, use canvas bags or have bags made from recycled material. There are many other ideas for eco-friendly alternatives in your home as well.

Sustainable materials for furniture

Did you know that the average American generates over 4 pounds of waste every day? This means that we are throwing away a lot of furniture and other items in our homes. To stop contributing to this problem, it is best to use sustainable materials for furniture. Sustainable materials are made from recycled materials which can be up-cycled into new products. Not only are these items better for the environment, but they also save money because the items will last longer.
Sustainable materials for furniture include:
      • Recycled plastic
      • MDF
      • Plywood
      • Timber reclaimed from old buildings or driftwood
      • Bamboo
      • Faux leather (made from cotton)
The pursuit of a healthy, green and sustainable home is achievable for anyone. It will require more time and effort, but the payoff will be worth it.
Start with the small things. Make a conscious effort to recycle, turn off appliances and lights when you’re not using them, and check your thermostat. It’s easy to get into a routine of living without giving it much thought, but the more you make an effort, the easier it will be to live sustainably.
After you’ve made changes in your everyday life, look for furniture that is made with sustainable materials. You can also buy an eco-friendly houseplant for your home that requires little care.
    1. Tips for a healthier home:
      • Turn off appliances and lights when you’re not using them
      • Check your thermostat
      • Make a conscious effort to recycle
    2. Green cleaning products:
      • Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products
      • Safer and more environmentally friendly ways to clean
      • Sustainable living:
      • Living with less waste in your home
      • Sustainable materials for furniture
  • Sustainable materials for furniture:
    • Consider buying furniture made with sustainable
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