In Her Shoes: Jennifer Rose Goldman from Essential Rose Life

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In this inspiring interview, Jennifer Rose Goldman from the indie beauty brand Essential Rose Life shares her journey from the depths of depression, anxiety, and self-destructive behaviors, to how she now leads a purposeful and holistically healthy life. 

In Her Shoes Interview Series: Inspiring Interviews with Influential Wellness Experts

Welcome back to the In Her Shoes series, where we share inspiring interviews with influential experts in health, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Whenever I meet healthy, beautiful, successful women, I’m always dying to know what it’s like to walk in their shoes. What do they eat? What products do they use? What’s their routine? I’m obsessed with other peoples’ stories and love sharing uplifting women with y’all!

Today we’re chatting with Jennifer Rose Goldman, the founder of Essential Rose Life, a rising star in the indie beauty world. Essential Rose is a mood-balancing skincare line for mental health and healthy skin based on the idea that “beauty is a feeling”. Gah, that resonates with me so much! It's like the modern mantra for “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, right?!

Speaking of mantras, each all-natural product comes with a mantra and ritual designed to soothe and promote mindfulness and is made from the best quality essential oils available.

Since breaking onto the scene, Essential Rose has been picked up by goop and Urban Outfitters, as well as independent, specialty stores like The Alchemist’s Kitchen in New York.

The product line includes a set of natural aromatherapy wellness oils, mists, and exfoliants for face and body.  They've been described as “bliss in a bottle”, balancing your mind and emotions with every inhalation.

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In this inspiring interview, Jennifer Rose Goldman from the indie beauty brand Essential Rose Life shares her journey from the depths of depression, anxiety, and self-destructive behaviors, to how she now leads a purposeful and holistically healthy life. 


Jennifer has been through an amazing personal journey of depression, alcoholism, and anxiety that led her to creating this much-needed company that aims to establish beauty from the inside out.

Jennifer says, “I really want to give back from my personal experience and support other people who may be feeling stressed, disconnected, and unempowered in their lives.”

Jennifer was diagnosed with anxiety and depression when she was 15 years old, but really had been suffering from both for her entire life.

She shares how she was self-medicating through unhealthy things like excessive drinking, smoking, cutting class, promiscuity, and obsessively seeking validation to know that she was normal and lovable and okay.

When Jennifer was 16 years old, her parents pulled her out of school and transported her to a wilderness therapy program, where she was immersed in a combination of hiking, group therapy, and individual therapy, and was on the move almost every day from one campsite to the next.

That 10-week experience was followed by completing her high school career at a therapeutic emotional growth boarding school for almost two years which, in addition to finishing her high school degree, included diving much deeper into therapy, workshops, and exercises that strengthened her self-awareness and understanding of the relationship between her thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Through all of that, Jennifer has found healing and learned how to achieve a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

She since has completed: a double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies; three 200-hour certifications in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini Yoga; a Transcendental Meditation program; Reiki Healing 1 and 2; and a 300-hour Advanced Clinical Aromatherapist training that inspired her to develop the Essential Rose Life mood-balancing beauty line. Talk about GOALS!

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What got you started on your health journey? Was there a specific event that catapulted you, or have you always been focused on health?

My health journey started when I was suffering from intense anxiety and depression. My parents made a pretty drastic decision!  They pulled me out of school in the middle of my junior year and organized a “wilderness intervention”. I was taken from my bed in the middle of the night and dropped to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia for 10 weeks before completing high school at an “Emotional Growth Boarding School.”

This really high-kicked my healing into gear. From there, I went on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and holistic healing. I became obsessed with natural remedies and the relationship between the mind and body. Everything I studied and learned along the way became inspiration for Essential Rose – the products, the lifestyle, and the mission! Now, I am here to teach and serve women to recognize their worth and beauty. I am so grateful for all of it!

Jennifer Rose Goldman, Essential Rose Life

How would you describe your general health philosophy?

We always have a choice to make decisions that support our growth, healing, physical and emotional health. It doesn't matter what we did yesterday or the day before, we can start today. There is no timeline and we are not hopeless.  Health is both an inner and outer experience. It requires good, nutritious and delicious food and products as well as positive thinking and emotional healing. It's how we take care of our bodies and create space for ourselves to feel, be, and process whatever's going on inside.

Health is not a constant state of being – it's a daily practice! We commit to ourselves through committing to healthy practices. And, everybody is different! Different bodies require different foods, products,  practices, and rituals! There truly is no “one-size-fits-all” to well-being and self-care. It's a beautiful process of discovering what feels good for you so you can do and experience more of that in your life.

Do you adhere to any specific type of “diet” or way of eating? Do you avoid any specific ingredients or food groups? Do you ever “cheat” or eat things you know don't improve your health?

I truly think diet is so individual. I think certain bodies do better being vegetarian than others, and certain bodies can be vegan and thrive. I think certain bodies need more of certain vitamins, nutrients, and fats than others.  I have experimented with a lot!  Paleo, Keto, etc. Ultimately, my philosophy is: eat a lot of whole foods! Eliminate the processed stuff. Eat what feels good going down and inside of you!

If something doesn't feel good, why continue to serve your body it? Eat mindfully – with intention, connection, and awareness.  And, give yourself a break! Let yourself indulge. There is no such thing as perfection, and this is especially true with food. It's a shame to punish ourselves for what our bodies may be craving! All in balance. Your body knows what it needs.

What are the first 30 minutes of your day like? What's your morning routine?

I am the anti-routine ritual girl 😁.  It varies! Yesterday, my morning consisted of a 45-minute walk around the ranch where I live, followed by some yoga and meditation. This morning, it was a mindful shower where I visualized washing both my body and “energy,” and releasing whatever wasn't serving me mentally and emotionally. There is always tea in my routines.  And some sort of mindfulness meditation practice! And of course, lots of essential oils!

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Essential Rose Life Products

Shower time! What are your go-to bath, hair and body products?

I'm super minimal with personal care! I love to use an organic essential oil-based bar of soap with dried herbs. I'm not committed to any particular one! I love good finds from farmer's markets. Shampoo, I've been into this brand Love Beauty Planet. They sold me on their marketing 😁.

In general, I like to use as natural and clean products as possible! For the face, I use Essential Rose Rose Gold Face Oil. Or, if I'm out, I'll literally pour some Pumpkin Oil straight onto my face! Or even Olive Oil depending on the time of year. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy, but also low key does the same!!!

Are you a tea or coffee drinker? What other beverages do you drink regularly? Do you drink alcohol?

TEA for life. I love it. It's such a ritual to prepare, steep, watch the leaves expand and transform! Loose-leaf tea. I'm such a tea snob. I really can't with anything else! I will have wine from time-to-time but have accepted that I am way too sensitive to be a heavy drinker (thanks to many unfortunate life experiences)!  I do love the taste though – wine is art in the same way tea is!

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What's a typical day of eating like for you? Walk us through your average breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cacao Smoothie… cuz I need chocolate daily and smoothies are healthy 😁. Cacao, banana, almond milk + butter, chia seeds, honey, and sometimes maca powder.

Well since I've been living on my boyfriend's ranch in New Mexico, I've been seriously into the ranch food vibes! Two eggs sunny-side up, avocado, pinto beans with jalapeno, and a gluten free tortilla.

Varies, but usually some kind of meat (free-range / grass-fed for sure – a big priority for me), and veggies. Love green things…spinach, kale, chard. Love salty things!!

Do you have an all-time favorite recipe? Something you make again and again and never get sick of?

See the Cacao Smoothie above!
1 Banana
2 tbsp Cacao Powder
1 tsp – tbsp Honey / Agave
1 tbsp Almond Butter
1 tbsp Chia Seeds
1 tsp Maca if I'm feeling it
Almond Milk… I just eyeball it!
Ice cubes

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Jennifer Rose Goldman, Essential Rose Life

Do you have a workout schedule you try to adhere to? How do you get exercise?

No schedule, but I try and get some movement in every other day. Hikes, walks, runs – running sucks but I also love it because it's meditative and I don't have to think about it!  Just pop my clothes and shoes on, head out the door and am on my way. It's very hard for me to stick to something I have to think too much about. Plus, I process a lot while running – anger, frustration, business challenges. And, I do abs – my boyfriend has us doing Bruce Lee's daily routine right now :D, he's a bit intense!

Do you take supplements or prescriptions? If so, what's your medicine cabinet look like? 

Nothing! I used to be on anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds from about age 15 – 20 and got off everything completely. Birth control as well. It was a personal choice for me.

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How do you ensure your home is a safe haven for you and your family?

I keep it clean! High vibe! Lots of beautiful products. But also minimal. Plants, crystals, sheepskins. I keep it open and spacious, yet containing light-filled things. And I do a lot of my own emotional work inside so I think it creates a pure intention.

How do you practice self-care? How do you find work/life balance as a business owner?

Prioritize it in the AM and PM, and throughout the day. I'm a big proponent of taking breaks! Like meaningful ones. Taking walks, getting my feet in the earth. Feeling the breeze and the sun. I literally need that to function! I pull myself away from my computer and get into “being” to break up the “doing”!

Some days it's harder than others when work is just pulling me from all angles, but when I do take time for ME in the midst of the day it's so helpful. The notion is that we don't need to just reserve self-care for morning and night, but actually require it throughout the day to prevent burnout. When I take these meaningful breaks – like I'm talking an hour or so – it allows me to “do” a lot more effectively the rest of the day.

Bed time! What time do you go to sleep, and how do you wind down? What's your nightly routine?

Tea – chamomile! Read. Usually catch up on the news. Lay on my back and breathe, stretch out, and process the day in my head, and also with my boyfriend!

Guilty pleasure?

As serious as I am in almost every area of my life, I am a sucker for really basic comedy!! Like laugh out loud ridiculous movies – it's so random for my personality but I think I just crave that mindless release. I will be the one laughing out loud at the stupid jokes!


And that’s a wrap. HUGE thanks to Jennifer Rose Goldman for sharing her story with us.
In this inspiring interview, Jennifer Rose Goldman from the indie beauty brand Essential Rose Life shares her journey from the depths of depression, anxiety, and self-destructive behaviors, to how she now leads a purposeful and holistically healthy life. 

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