Sarah Ware

Sarah started her post-secondary education at the University of Calgary for pre-medical studies and soon found her passion for nutrition. She then transferred to the University of British Columbia where she completed and received an honours degree in dietetics. Sarah went on to complete her formal internship training at the Royal Columbian Hospital, in New Westminster. After working as a Registered Dietitian for a few years, Sarah trained to become a Certified Diabetes Educator while working at Copeman Healthcare Centre, a private company now found under the umbrella of Telus Health. Throughout her time as a Registered Dietitian, she worked in various hospital settings, Diabetes Education Centres, private health and long-term care facilities. During this time Sarah was also certified as BCRPA Personal Trainer to help individuals create fitness plans to support and work with their nutrition goals. Aside from all that.... Sarah is a creative nut! Her days are filled with DIY projects, painting, crafts, cooking and even dancing. During her time as a Registered Dietitian, she found a way to channel her creative desires through blogging. Her first blog was nutrition-focused, giving tips on health and wellness with a focus on her passion for ancestral and holistic approaches to health and wellness. The second blog, aptly named Mish Mash of Loves, became a space where she shared a mishmash of any type of recipe or DIY project that inspired her. Blogging led her to her next creative passion of photography. She is currently the owner of SLW Photography where she has helps local and small businesses stand out through beautiful, mood-evoking imagery. She calls North Vancouver, BC, her home and although her roots are a mix of British proper and Alberta soul, she’s always been a West Coast girl. Sarah and her husband have two amazing little boys who inspire her moment to moment. They drive her to live life to the fullest and have fun doing it. And, her littlest guy says to her every single day, “Mom, this is the best day ever!” And she couldn’t agree more!

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