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Adrenal Recode

Adrenal Recode

Have you ever really thought about what is happening to your mind, body, immune system and hormones when you live in a state of constant stress, overwhelm, or on the edge of burnout?

I’ve shared with you before some of my struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with abdominal migraines, a rare disorder that causes recurrent, episodes of severe, debilitating nausea. Yeah, it’s super fun.

It started on my wedding day, and continued to happen over a dozen times throughout the next three years, always when I was happy and excited about something: a vacation, a special dinner, an exciting event, a party–you know, all the times that bring us joy. And I was sick.

Eventually, it happened enough that I started avoiding anything that would make me happy, afraid that I would get sick. I traveled less, I went out to eat less, I spent less time with friends.

In truth, I started becoming a bit of a hermit, afraid to even leave the house at times. It wasn’t rational, which was perhaps the hardest part for my logical mind to accept. I knew I was going to be okay, and yet I couldn’t stop worrying.

As you can imagine, this led to a lot of sadness. I was living in fear, avoiding life, constantly worried that I was going to get sick, which ultimately became a vicious cycle… I could worry myself so much that I could bring about the nausea just by thinking too much, spiraling mentally out of control, spinning down the rabbit hole and literally making myself physically ill. My brain would. not. shut. up.

To top it all off, I got my first panic attack shortly thereafter in 2016, and–once I started my own business–epitomized the classic case of the burnt out, overwhelmed, struggling entrepreneur.

Fast forward to today, and I’m almost to the point where I don’t even feel anxious. I even weaned myself off Zoloft earlier this year and am now 100% medication free! I no longer avoid things that will make me happy, and I feel like I’ve finally got my life back.

So how’d I do it? Once I started treating my stress, my other health issues began to resolve, Stress is absolutely at the root of almost all health issues, and it’s so often ignored until we can’t ignore it anymore because we get extremely ill.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to my fellow health warrior, Christa Orecchio, clinical nutritionist and founder of The Whole Journey, who has worked with thousands of people using a cutting-edge 6-step clinical protocol for healing anxiety, exhaustion, and insomnia. (Check out our recent interview with Christa here, all about how to naturally heal adrenal fatigue!)

During this experience, she discovered one main theme for those of us trying to heal any health issue: the nervous system is the foundation of ALL aspects of our health.

It’s simple. 

When the nervous system is unhealthy due to chronic, prolonged stress, then any of these symptoms can persist:

  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive issues
  • Memory loss and brain fog
  • Immune issues
  • Depression
  • Gain weight or can’t lose it (even with the addition of “dieting” and exercise)

Thankfully, Christa (along with her clinical partner Jeanne Rubin) developed this very specific six pillar process to help you heal your adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones, digestion, immunity, weight issues, and improve your mental and emotional sense of well being.

For a limited time, she’s offering you her FREE action-driven mini-course that will teach you how to implement her protocol so you can feel really good on a daily basis–have more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep, and feel calmer and less overwhelmed. 

Her approach works because it is holistic and accounts for all of you, not just healthy food, but healthy relationships, healthy movement, a meaningful spiritual practice, an inspiring creative outlet, and an understanding that there can be emotional roots to physical illness.

I’ve reviewed Christa’s process and there is SO much to love about it! I specifically enjoy the later modules (about module 3.5 through module 8) where she teaches you invaluable skills like how to create a proper sleep routine, breathing practices, things to do to reduce stress and anxiety, calming movement and exercise, how to combat limiting beliefs, and other powerful tools like emotional repatterning, mirroring exercises, and daily practices to interrupt the memorized self.

But, I’m going to be honest with y’all (my top priority will always be to serve you the best I can and I could never recommend something I didn’t fully believe in). So…

There is one caveat to my recommendation of Christa’s course: in my opinion, I don’t think dieting in any form is helpful in the long-term. She does include some light recommendations for counting macros, measuring out your food, avoiding certain foods, etc. In my experience, that’s crazy-making for your mind and does more harm than good, proliferates diet culture, creates an unhealthy obsession over food, which usually makes us feel ashamed and guilty when we don’t do it ‘just right’.

So, while I agree with most of Christa’s general food and supplement guidelines, please just don’t get too wrapped up with her specific food recommendations. Take it with a grain of salt and combine the information with an intuitive eating mindset. Don’t worry about all the rules, as that’s never sustainable. If you really want to heal your adrenals, you need to learn how to NOT beat yourself up, how to love yourself, and how to listen to your own body’s guidance.

In fact, I’d recommend doing Module 3-8 of her course first, and then going back and adding in the food-related modules (1-2) afterward, and only if you feel so inclined.

Now… sit for a moment with the idea that you could be feeling much better in just a few days (yes, you read that right) by implementing what you learn in Christa’s mini-course!

Join the free Adrenal Recode mini-course here! 

Last day to register for this course: Monday, September 23rd