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About Root + Revel

In this inspiring interview, Kate Kordsmeier (founder of Root + Revel) shares how she healed her body naturally with food (the anti-inflammatory diet and the 80-20 rule) and holistic remedies, including her favorite healthy products, daily routine and best tips and tricks for combatting PCOS, Thyroid + Gut issues. 

Welcome to Root + Revel, a food and wellness site delivering inspiration to help people live a more balanced life. We publish articles and recipes that inform and encourage natural, mindful living, without sacrifice. It starts with diet and exercise…or as I like to approach it: nourishing food and movement. Yes. But it’s not ONLY about the food. True wellbeing is about both physical health AND mental, emotional and spiritual health. And throughout my journey, I’ve been amazed to see just how much our innate inner wisdom can really teach us. So we’re taking it back to basics and infusing beauty, flavor, simplicity and celebration into everyday moments with fresh and inspiring content (expect original recipes, expert interviews, reviews, guides and personalized advice) covering everything from nourishing food to science-based self care, and safe, non-toxic and effective green beauty, creating a healthy home environment, and holistic wellness.

What is Root + Revel?

Root + Revel is a site for people who care about the quality of their food, where it comes from, how it tastes and, ultimately, how it makes you, and the planet, feel. It’s a site that promotes real, whole foods that are as delicious as they are nutritious, foods that are always short on chemicals and artificial ingredients, but never on flavor. It’s a site connecting people to the resources they need to create a safe, beautiful home, full of memories and traditions, sans toxic chemicals and harmful products. It’s a site bursting with advice for people ready to celebrate life and explore the world, nourishing our bodies and our souls along the way.

Who is Root + Revel?

Hi! I’m Kate Kordsmeier, the founder of Root + Revel. I live in Atlanta with my husband, Matt, our two cats, Scout and Boo, our puppy Finch (yes, like the book!) and our baby boy, Jackson. I’m a Libra, a Questioner, a Moderator, an outgoing introvert, a bookworm, information addict, sushi fiend, animal lover, an OCD planner and an entrepreneur down to my bones.

For nearly a decade, I was a full-time freelance food and travel writer and recipe developer–you can find my work in over 125 magazines, newspapers and websites, including USA Today, EatingWell, Cooking Light, Travel + Leisure, Shape, FITNESS, Women’s Health, The Washington Post, Clean Eating, Vegetarian Times, Wine Enthusiast, SELF and Real Simple.

In October 2015, after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Leaky Gut Syndrome (IBS), and hypothyroidism, and subsequently healing my symptoms naturally, I created Root + Revel. Though I’m a food writer—it’s literally my job to eat and report on the world’s most delicious foods—and a food lover, who believes strongly that life is not worth living without fried chicken, cheese and wine, I’ve also seen firsthand the power of nutrition and how much the food we eat affects the way we feel. After my diagnosis, I was blown away by the rapid transformation I saw in my own body from simple, natural and holistic lifestyle changes. Truly, the food I ate and the natural products I used (and the toxic products I tossed!) have helped me live a near symptom-free life, and I wanted to share what I’ve learned with all of you. Learn more about my diagnosis, 80-20 lifestyle and how I strike the balance between eating well and feeling well here.

Today, my full-time job is running Root + Revel. If you’re a blogger interested in monetizing, growing your audience and making your blog a successful business, be sure to check out my guides here.

I am also a Senior Manager with Beautycounter, on a mission to get safer products in the hands of everyone.

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