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Welcome to Root + Revel, a holistic wellness site delivering inspiration to help people live a more balanced, mindful, and fulfilled life–without sacrifice!

True wellbeing is about physical health AND mental, emotional and spiritual health. So we’re taking it back to basics and infusing beauty, flavor, simplicity and celebration into everyday moments with fresh and inspiring content (across topics like physical health + fertility, science-based self-care + mindfulness, clean beauty, non-toxic home and living, motherhood, original recipes, and more!)

Root + Revel features content from doctors, registered dieticians, and other successful health and wellness professionals and experts.

The Team

Oliva Johnson

Editorial Director: Olivia Johnson

Olivia Johnson runs the day-to-day at Root + Revel as the Editorial Director. She’s a mom of three kiddos, lives at the beach and enjoys reading with her toes in the sand whenever she can!

Kate Kordsmeier, woman sitting on a colorful rug at a coffee table with a notebook.

Founder: Kate Kordsmeier

Kate Kordsmeier founded Root + Revel in 2015. While Kate is still a holistic wellness advocate and lover of blogs, she sold Root + Revel in 2021 and now works full-time over at her personal brand, Kate Kordsmeier, and podcast, Success with Soul, where she helps heart-centered entrepreneurs start and build fulfilling and successful online businesses and blogs. If you’d like to work with Kate, apply for her mastermind here. If you’re brand new to online business, the best place to start is with 21 Days to Impact.

*Note: Kate is no longer affiliated with Root + Revel in any way. 

Our Contributors

Woman with brown curly hair sitting on a yellow couch with a white brick background

Sarah Newman

Sarah Newman is a writer, online marketer, certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, has a BA in Psychology from The College of William & Mary, and is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach from the QSCA, and women’s holistic wellness coach at The Body Reclaimed who loves to call Charleston, SC home.

Sarah helps women ditch dieting, heal from food and wellness obsession, and reclaim their innate power and happiness. Sarah is a body image enthusiast and former disordered eater who learned to make peace with her body, food, and life. Now, she’s giving women the tools to do the same! Sarah helps women learn how to trust and accept their bodies at any size, including how to eat intuitively and become the experts of their own bodies.

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Dr. Cleopatra and Oprah

Dr. Cleopatra Kamperveen 

Dr. Cleopatra contributes quarterly articles to Root + Revel about fertility. She is the Fertility Strategist and Executive Director of the Fertility & Pregnancy Institute, a scientist, and university professor who pioneered the field of fertility biohacking and creating superbabies.

Dr. Cleopatra specializes in fertility, pregnancy, and how health is transmitted from one generation to the next. To date, she has received nearly $3 million in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and others. Dr. Cleopatra has been cited more than 1,000 times in the past 5 years alone.

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Martha Blessing, blonde middle aged woman in white shirt.

Martha G. Blessing

Martha G. Blessing is a Healing Mentor, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Ayurveda Specialist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Intuitive. She is the author of Healed & Unlimited: The Secret to Breaking Free from Chronic Dis-ease and Igniting Personal Power.  

Her grounded wisdom, highly skilled capacity to hold space, and her razor-sharp aptitude for seeing her clients’ deepest gifts—alongside their most critical stumbling blocks—make her a highly sought-after mentor. Her approach uniquely combines a signature 5-Step Formula that has a proven high success rate.

Martha is the host of “THE Place To Be Free Podcast”  launching January 2021.  In her free time, you’ll find Martha cooking up creative recipes for family and friends—traveling, kayaking, hiking, and anything that gets her outdoors. She lives in Amherst, NY. Learn more about Martha at her website here.

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Tisha Riman, blonde young woman chopping herbs

Tisha Riman

Tisha Riman is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, food stylist, recipe developer and the blogger behind The Nourished Mind: where self-care meets nutrition. There you’ll find lots of gluten-free recipes, as well as tips on how to improve gut health, practice intuitive eating and reduce stress. Whether it’s a green smoothie or a glass of wine, Tisha believes that a well-balanced lifestyle is one that you actually enjoy.

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Other Contributors

Root + Revel prides itself on featuring a variety of guest posts from qualified experts and medical professionals, from Registered Dieticians to Integrative and Holistic Nutritionists and personal trainers, to estheticians and professional recipe developers.

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